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You can be a newbie, an amateur or even a pro in the blogging world but there are 90% chances that you’ve heard of SEO and most of you might even have implemented it on your blogs or websites via hand coded methods or simply by installing plugins. Be it any content publishing platform, you are expected to make efforts in order to establish your blog and spread the word. As a result of which one takes a turn in the alley of Search Engine Optimization, better known as SEO.

In its basic form, SEO is the technique of making favorable altercations to your blog in order to achieve a higher position in the search engine result pages (SERPs) following trusted and legit methodologies.

I don’t deny its necessity but since the last couple of years, I think SEO is losing its importance owing to some facts which I’d like to share with you and request your ideas on how do they affect the ranking of your blog, adversely or otherwise. Let’s begin with the most important reason.

  • Population Explosion
  • Volatile Quality
  • This point is in connection with the above one. Say there are 20 blogs which have written an article describing the review of a particular product. Their style might be different, the design of their blogs might be different, their vocabulary might be different and even their presentation might be different which gets me confused as on which blog should I read to get a better reading experience? The search engines have their algorithms to differentiate high quality articles from low ones but they can’t know which style of reading do I find enticing. Even if I find the suitable blog from those 20 after rejecting others, I’ve lost my time or even the excitement to go on.

    • Keyword cloaking

    I don’t know if this technique is legit or frowned upon by search engines but I’ve come across certain blogs which include high traffic yielding keywords in their posts which are not even close to their niche. Readers fall for this trick too often. They’re looking for something related to the keyword while they’re shown something that the publisher wants to propagate. An interesting fact is that this technique reduces bounce rate because the reader, in confusion, navigates through other posts hoping to get at least some info on their keyword but finally realize there’s nothing in store for them. Yet, in the end, the blog loses in user experience while the one which deserved to have been found remains unearthed.

    • SEO procrastination

    This is a symptom being experienced among amateurs mostly. While they should be concentrating on producing high quality articles (hic.), they’re found spending more than required time in optimizing their blogs. It should be understood that SEO is an ongoing process which gradually takes your blog among the mob. You’re not going to get a million visitors over a fort night even if you hire the best SEO specialist. Networking is an efficient method of growing your blog but utilize your resources in developing something work to be networked.

    The above described points are just a bunch of the lot which give me a blurred vision while foreseeing the future of SEO. What I believe is that your visitors are the foundation of your blog’s SEO. If you receive even a small but loyal lot of visitors, your blog’s prospect is bound to improve. Some sharing and recommendations and watch your thing grow on a firm basis. I hope you weren’t bored by this post, shall be back with more. Stay tuned.

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