Whenever a newbie asks, “How do I get traffic?” I hear everyone saying “Write quality content”. Being a member of several Facebook groups, where I get to interact with a lot of new bloggers regularly. While there are many new things to know and learn, the above question and the reply by other bloggers remains common! Concentrating on your blog content really is important, but I don’t think it’s enough! There are some other things you need to pay attention as well.

Content Needs Focus?

Yeah, it does! Just imagine getting a thousand daily visitors on a post containing nothing useful (outdated content, undetailed post, off-topic content, etc.) Do you think the visitors will stay on your blog? If I am not wrong, they will leave your blog immediately. This will unnecessarily increase your server load, all your efforts to rank higher on Google will go in vain, you won’t get ad clicks, Google will find out your blog soon and the rest is history! I mean that content needs focus, it surely needs more focus than anything else. There can’t be a second thought on this.

Here are a few tips for writing Google-friendly blog posts

  • Focus on your visitors more than anything else.
  • Write user-friendly content. Write posts, not lists of keywords!
  • Avoid writing on “too common” topics. Or in case you decide to, make sure that your content is “too different” from others.
  • Be natural, don’t stuff keywords everywhere!

Besides content, there are several other factors that need to be taken care of. Content isn’t just enough. You need to get visitors, get people to read your article, get people to share it in short get known. How can you do it? A few things you need to concentrate on are,

The Visibility of Your Blog Posts

There is no point in writing several good quality posts every day if you don’t have a single reader. What I mean is, give equal importance to everything. Don’t just write, get people to notice it and return to your blog for more.

For example, if you write an article today, make sure that someone has read it before you write another article. Now, a person won’t come to your blog automatically. You need to drag him to your blog. To do this, you can use social media or SEO. While social media traffic is considered temporary (can last from an hour to a week or even more in some cases), organic traffic lasts long (for years and years to come). For a new blog as you are trying to get noticed, experiment social media (social bookmarking, Facebook, Twitter, etc.). And as you see your traffic rising, try building some links and drive in organic visitors.

Here’s a sample action plan after you have written an article:

  • Share it, tweet it, bookmark it.
  • Do whatever you can to bring that post into notice.
  • Give equal importance to social networking and social bookmarking sites.
  • Each of them perform differently.

Visitor Engagement

After you start getting visitors, you can expect user-opinions and questions to flow in. Don’t let questions unanswered and don’t forget to thank a visitor for his opinion. Engage with your visitors. Follow them on Twitter, friend them on Facebook, do whatever you can to stay in touch with that person. Time consuming? It’s time consuming, but it’s worth it! Your visitors will love your attitude towards them, other bloggers will appreciate it and you may end up making some useful friends!

Most of the visitors will return your care and will be back at your blog again. After you have successfully got a few engaging visitors (readers), a few blogger friends, a few commenters, head on to your writing den and write a few more user-friendly articles and repeat the above steps.

Now that you know, that content is not enough, your ultimate goal should be to get traffic and engage visitors and encourage them to comment, ask questions, help each other, etc. Once you have successful built a small community of writers, readers, regular visitors, it’s time to take your blog to the next level and pull in a few more visitors.

To do that you have to concentrate on a few more time consuming, but really helpful methods. One of them is SEO and another one is PPC. While SEO works the best for blogs, you can make use of PPC if you have a really big budget and you don’t mind losing money!


After you have linked with several bloggers and visitors, it’s time you should link with Google. What I mean is to get backlinks and rank higher in Google. When someone links to your blog or when you build links yourself, your SERPS change. A quality link improves your ranking and you can expect more traffic.

One of the best ways to build links is to comment on other blogs. This is a recommended method for starters as it helps you to build more links in less time. Another method is to guest post on blogs. While guest blogging is time-consuming, it gives you better results. It gives you links, direct traffic, plus you are introduced to a new audience.


If you were shocked, why I didn’t discuss this aspect early, let me tell you why I did so. It’s because readers should be your first priority. Money comes second. After you have built a small community and you get traffic, your next target should be money. Participate in all blog monetization methods like Adsense, affiliate marketing, coupon marketing, email marketing, etc. I recommend trying everything, because you really don’t know which one suits your blog the best and it also depends on which method you find comfortable.

Is That Enough?

Of course not! There’s always room for improvements. As you start writing more articles, you rank higher, your traffic increases, your earnings improve, you should practice a few advanced tactics. Try other methods to get traffic, make money, etc. For now keep on repeating the above steps and your blog should progress.

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