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Hi everyone, today I would like to introduce the chat software that I have been using on Blog Engage for quite a while now. The software that I use is – Comet Chat which is based on PHP and MySQL. You can use the software very easily if your site is powered by PHP and MySQL .


Comet Chat is compatible with most of the PHP frameworks that are available on the Internet which includes the popular WordPress, BuddyPress, CakePHP , CodeIgniter etc. There are quite a lot of features available once you buy Comet Chat. I’m just going to point out my favorite ones.

Voice and Video Chat

This feature is available for only platinum plan users ( I’m currently a premium user). So, if you’re interested in availing this feature you can buy the platinum pack. It lets you voice and video chat with your readers and visitors. You can communicate with them face to face and discuss problems with them. You can also get  feedback from your valued customers.

Chat with FB and GTalk Friends

This is one of my favorite features of Comet Chat, You can easily chat with your Facebook and Gtalk friends from the same platform. All you need to do is authenticate your account and you’re all good to go. It’s a all-in-one platform using which you can connect with any of your friends whether it’s on your own blog, Facebook or GTalk.


It gives you more control about what your user or reader thinks about your site especially if you have some kind of service website or an e-commerce website. You can discuss with them the latest features and get feedback from them if there’s a problem with any part of your site.

Another great feature is history. The software stores and keeps the history upto a certain period . It’s useful because you can go back and check all the chats that you have done with all the persons. You also have the opportunity to verify if a certain someone said something to you. It’s actually helpful for both sides.


File Sharing

File Sharing is another impressive feature that comes with Comet Chat. It lets you share files with any of the person that are logged into chat. You don’t have to login to your mail account to share your files. It’s very easy to share files with person whose e-mail id is not known. You chat and share files simultaneously.


Social Media Promotion

The chat bar is generally at the bottom. There you have the options of displaying your Twitter timeline and your Facebook timeline as well. You click on the Twitter button and you will get all the tweets that have been shared with your twitter handle.


When you click on the Facebook button, if your page is connected , you will be able to see the timeline of your Facebook page.


It’s actually a great way to increase your social media exposure and get some good quality traffic to your blog.

Multiple Language Translation

Comet Chat also comes with a multiple language support. It lets your customers / readers / users chat in their native language. Blog Engage currently has 160 customers and some of them are not good with English. They prefer to chat in their native language.

The software comes with a real time translator which lets you type in your own preferred language and it will be translated to English or any other language instantly. It’s a great feature to have for your chat software when you have customers from all around the world.


Comet Chat is a premium plugin which means that you have to pay for it. There’s no free version available. The Basic plan comes with $49 which supports unlimited users , 10 modules and 10 plugins. The Professional plan priced at $129 comes with Facebook / Gtalk chat feature and it’s their most popular plan. The Premium plan to which I recently upgraded is priced at $249 and it supports mobile web- apps which is necessary if you want to run a fully responsive site. The Platinum plan priced at $499 is the most advanced plan that they have and it includes the Audio and Video chat support.

You don’t have to worry because all the payments are one time only. So, make sure you check out Comet Chat.

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