OptinMonster is lead generation WordPress plugin. The plugin is known for having the ability to convert visitors into subscribers. OptinMonster is pretty well known in both the blogging as well as WordPress community. With OptinMonster, you have the ability to create beautiful forms that quickly grabs your visitor’s attention.

How OptinMonster helps

You can create just about any type of form that you want. You also have the option of choosing how the form appears to your visitors. There are various types of Optin Forms available like lightbox WordPress popups, floating bars, slide-ins, after post forms, sidebar forms.

OptinMonster’s biggest reputation in the blogging community is due to high conversion rates and simplicity of use. You can buy the plugin and get started with it in minutes. OptinMonster comes with an easy to use form builder which helps to set up a beautiful looking form in minutes. A lot of pre-made templates are available with the plugin. It takes seconds to apply them, make some changes and then use them on posts and pages. It also supports most of the good looking Google Web Fonts which makes your form look more elegant and professional.

The plugin is also capable of smart user targeting. Optimizing and targeting users are one of the key reasons that OptinMonster has a huge conversion rate. After installing OptinMonster, webmasters have seen as much as 600% increase in email subscription in a week.

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The plugin also has A/B testing options. You can experiment with the content and layout of the form to see which ones work best. You can also test with the headlines and style to find out which attracts the more no. of subscribers.

The plugin also supports page level targeting. For a specific page, you can have separate optin forms. This is particularly useful when you’re promoting products. For a product specific page, you can have an optin form specific to that product. For example, if you are trying to sell your own ebook on your blog, you can just write down something about your book and have an optin form pop up for downloading the ebook.

OptinMonster also shows the user an optin form when they are about to leave. Research has shown that 70% of the readers who leave never return. So, grabbing and converting them when they are on your blog is the key. OptinMonster at the right moment, when the reader is about to leave will show an optin form.

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The plugin also has an analytics section which you can use to analyze clicks, views and overall conversion states. You can also determine which page is performing better than others. You can use the data provided and strategize more effectively on what needs to be improved.

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OptinMonster works with most of the email marketing softwares which includes Mailchimp, Aweber, Constant Contact, GetResponse and many more. The plugin also works with custom HTML form scripts. So, you can even code own form and have the same functionality. So, make sure you check out OptinMonster.

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