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Seems when it comes to writing words don’t flow as easily as they do when having a general discussion in person. I don’t know why but it’s a true fact, talking is easier than writing. Have you ever asked yourself why that is? For me I think it’s because when something is written it can be read over and over again. This isn’t a good thing if you write within the moment of emotion because eventually you will be out of that mood.

Will you still enjoy your post after you “calm down” or even after you “get upset”. Perhaps you’re in a good mood or a bad mood, no matter what mood you’re in, it will always affect your writing and the final product copy of your literature. I guess a good way to avoid this would be to write about something that isn’t related to what has you all caught up with emotion.

I’m sure many things come into play when trying to write the next blog post, hey letโ€™s be honest I haven’t written a post in over a year… I mean a real post that’s not related to a contest or giveaway. When I first started blogging I had a purpose, I was a graduate of Business Administration Marketing and it made sense to start a marketing blog… but I’ve since lost my way. I don’t know what to blog about or what I’m even passionate about.

Sometimes we even get caught up in the hype of blogging, you know what blogging means to one person, is not what it means to another. Did we start blogging for the wrong reasons? Has this created bad luck for us and can we grow out of this? I actually started Blog Engage before I started blogging, I started blogging in order to gain authority to help market a blog community.

I’m on the search…. I need to find what I’m passionate about if I want to blog more and have ease with creating new content. As we all know, content comes much easier when we love what we are blogging about. Perhaps we are not all granted with the opportunity to do what we love but I have been. I own a successful online business, I have a beautiful home, I have an amazing family and life couldn’t be better.

I need to take advantage of this luck, write more and get involved with some YouTube video blog posts. I’ve always wanted to get engaged on YouTube like my friend Ileane Smith at Basic Blog Tips. She is an inspiration to me, I hope someday I can be as active on the internet as she is. Perhaps things will change… but if they do it will require my commitment to spend some time on myself and my community.

Sadly… time is a commodity I don’t have much of…


My name is Brian and Iโ€™m a Graduate of Business Administration Marketing. I work full time in Sales and Marketing. I am also the owner of Blog Engage a social network I created specifically for bloggers.

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