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1000 USD 2011 Best Guest Blogger Contest Article Approved

I have started Makewebworld some time back and it started with a PR0 (each blog starts with that). In the latest update my 3 months of effort has been rewarded with a page rank of 3.

Once I was over with the feeling of achievement, I started to analyze which things have worked in favor to make this happen.

Here are few things which I think has worked in the favor and I would like to repeat them for my other blogs. I will not be including things like good content, user interface etc. These are basics and should be there to start the blog.

A Helpful Act

An unselfish helpful act can take you long way in terms of establishing you in the market. My first post which has ranked and reached to Google’s first page was because of this only.

I had a malware attack on my blog which has brought the blog down for some time. I cleaned it and it took almost 7 hours to restore everything as there was not much information available on the internet about it.

I could have taken a rest after that but instead I decided to write a guide on how to clean the malware, so other people does not suffer like me. I did spend 1 more hour on writing that post and publish it. So it was an 8 hour effort on the whole thing.

And instantly this post was ranking no 3 in Google, and started to get people on the blog. On that day I got 500 new visitors on my blog.

Many people like the help provided by that guide and decided to link back to it, while they were writing about the malware removal process. I got many one side in content valuable links for that post.

After a week I decided to share this inspirational story through guest post on Problogger (What You can take from your blog’s worst day). They liked it and guess what – another chain of good traffic and backlink from a high PR site.

I have not done any promotion for that guide and still it is a PR2 page on my blog.

We always work for looking keywords, generating posts and backlinks to rank higher but sometime just going out of that mindset and a simple act can give a lot more than hours of work. You just need to keep your eyes open for the opportunities.

Guest Post

This is one of the known methods of generating traffic and links for new blogs. I have also used it to some extents. I am not doing a lot of guest posting for Makewebworld, but I do make sure that I send 2-3 posts in a month.

Key is to track and promote your guest posts. I do track all my guest posts and do promotion for them. Posting on a good PR blog is not enough because the backlink will not be from that blog, it will be from the guest post.

So you need to know the PR of your own guest post and should try to increase it. Yes, it is easy to rank with good traffic blog rather than a new blog. So posting on a good PR blog will help but you may want to get all you can from your efforts.

The only restriction is that we should always send a high quality post. I always know deep inside that a post will be accepted or not and I am sure everybody will know this if they are sending a post. If a post can’t be published on your blog, it can’t be on any other too.

Blogging Community

If you are new to blogging sphere than you will find it hard to meet new people and make a space for yourself. Blogging Communities are a good way to make new friends.

There are many communities around but I like Blogengage and blokube. I am mostly active on Blogengage. These communities are a good way to generate some backlinks and get some new readers for your blog.

If you become part of these communities, than you need to engage. I have seen many people joining these with the mindset of getting links. Yes, you will get links but there is much more on offer.

“Once you have made an effort, you should get all the benefits you can take from it” – I always like to get whatever I can from my efforts.


Blog Commenting is another way to increase backlinks and generate traffic. I do visit lots of blog and comment on posts, if I like them.

There is lots of debate about a dofollow or nofollow links, I never worried about the type of link. If I like the post and have something to add, I will post a comment.

I also make sure to visit one or two new blogs and check the posts there, if we do not make it a habit than most of the time we end up with one set of blogs to comment on. Going to one or two new blogs daily gives an extra bit of visibility to your blog.

There can be many ways to find new blogs, Stumbleupon is one of the great way to do that or if you do guest posts than you can look at the comments you have on the posts.

I also installed commentluv plugin on my blog to rewards the commenter’s and as soon as commentluv premium came out in the market I upgraded to that. This plugin helps in gaining some extra traffic as many people come by searching for commentluv premium enabled blog. Also it gives extra visibility on other blogs along with the addition of links.

These are the few things which I think made my journey easy.

Is there any other ways we can make this process smoother, share with us through the comments?

About Sanjeev Mohindra

Sanjeev currently writes at Make Web World and offers his latest eBook “5 steps to WordPress Blog” for free, you can get the eBook by subscribing here.

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