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The vast majority of people who use eBay, and this includes some very well-known internet marketers, use it for selling ‘stuff’ to make money.

What I am going to show you, however, is how to use the world’s most famous auction site to drive traffic to your affiliate products and build your mailing list, all without risking falling foul of the eBay ‘rulebook’.

So, the first thing that you should know about the eBay rules is that you cannot include any external links in your listing to anything on your website, so you cannot, for example, try to send someone to any of the links on your domain.

You can link to external images that are hosted on your site, and it is possible to try to get smart doing this, but it is a complete waste of time as it will generate no traffic for you, and that is all you are concerned about at this point.

You can however, do pretty much whatever you like with your ‘About Me’ page (although you should always check the rules first, as they do change quite frequently) so the first thing you need to do is to try however possible to get people from your listing to your About Me page.

It doesn’t have to be technical, detailed or complicated. Just include your redirect links and the email and name capture form on the ‘About Me’ page, together with a call to action that tells people what they should do (believe me, you would be amazed what a difference including simple ‘Call To Action’ actually makes).

Set up your auction listings so that every successful bidder is offered a ‘congratulatory’ free gift as a reward for working with you, and all they have to do is to tell you their name and email address so that you can send it to them.

When you are ready to spend a little money in order to ‘professionalize’ your eBay presentation a little more, get your own eBay store and use it in every way that you can to get people to view your About Me Page (offer a free gift simply for viewing it?).

Finding products to sell is remarkably easy too.

Go to the free PRL sites and download some of the free eBooks that are available there. Search Google and Yahoo for ‘free eBooks’ – you will find dozens of sites and hundreds of titles that are available for nothing.

Download them (general interest topics rather than Internet Marketing specific materials are likely to work best) and sell them for $1.99 a shot

No, you will not make much money this way, but if your offer is good enough, then you will add a few names to your mailing list and drive visitors to your site at the same time.

The only problem with this strategy is that you are unfortunately not the only person who knows about it! You may therefore find lots of people selling the same book, so the interest that you can generate may be pretty limited.

Sounds difficult and very time consuming, right? Err, I beg to differ!

Goto the Internet Archive site and look for ‘text’ materials. There are about 315,000 text words that you can download entirely free and, as they are all ‘open source’ materials, you can do exactly what you like with them!

Now, because of the rules that govern what are open source materials and what are not, a lot of the works available are going to be old and perhaps the information in them may not be up to date.

But there must be something in 315,000 works that you can use, and the beauty is that all you have to do is create a new eBook cover (there is free software here) and then pop it up on eBay.

Trust me, this is one of the best ‘undiscovered’ resources on the net, and very few people are doing this, so what you will have is an eBook that is most likely unique that you can charge a bit more for – try $5.99 or $7.99 and that should create an awful lot more interest in you and your auction. And that translates into more names on your list and more visitors to your site.

And, then as always, go back to your blog, lens and hubs and create something about what you have done, write articles about the fabulous and easy ‘brand new’ 200 pages book that you created in minutes (but don’t give the game away entirely).

Post a snippet to your blog, lens and hubs, use another extract for social bookmarking sites, and announce it in your social network communities, and so on.


The final thing to do is go back to Squidoo and Hubpages account and either add or modify your eBay modules so that it shows only the products that you are selling from your auctions. It will not necessarily generate a great deal of more traffic but it certainly will not do any harm either.

Do you have any strategy of using eBay to drive quality traffic back to your site?


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