What does ‘make money blogging’ come to your mind?

Probably, 95% of the bloggers around the world are trying to make at least some money through their blogs and websites.

I started blogging in 2005 and honestly, I didn’t earn more than $1 per day until 2008 or so. And the reason behind it is in fact, very simple. I started on the wrong foot.
So, what is so wrong about make money blogging?

1. The good content myth

Reality check: Good content isn’t enough to help you make money online.

Ouch! That’s reality guys!

If anyone tells you that you can make money online just by writing good content, chances is they aren’t making much much either. with more than 164 millions blogs out there, the competition is very real and good content isn’t the only thing that will help you make a decent income from blogging.

2. Setting a free blog on BlogSpot or WordPress.com

Are you blogging on a free blog site? If yes, I suggest you move on, now!

The rule here is fairly simple. You can make money with these free blog sites but if you are thinking of making more money, then get your own domain name and hosting.

Always remember, you can’t really earn money without any investment and this guide will help you when it comes to starting a website from scratch.

Planning your way to make money blogging

If you are here to find tips on how to make money blogging, you are at the wrong site. So yes, this article will not teach you how to make money but … it will show you the right way to build your own make money method.

And honestly, there isn’t any free lunch in this world either 🙂

Glad you are still here! I am going to tell you some ways that will prepare you to start earning money online … the smart way.

1. Blogging for a reason

When it comes to blogging, don’t ever plan to blog everything under the roof. Be specific and here’s an example.

My blogging niche is mostly on blogging tips. However, I do it with a twist. My articles are most on providing ways to build your website ranking using social engagement and marketing techniques.

This means that I am focusing a lot on social engagement and marketing techniques to boost the website ranking. So, give me a guess … what would you get if you start ranking well on search engines?

2. Traffic first before monetization

The real fact is that without traffic, you are not going to be able to monetize. Not even close to be honest.

When it comes to making a decent earning from your blog, you need to be very focus on traffic. And your ultimate goal isn’t just any type of traffic. You need to focus in building the right type of traffic.

So, what is the right type of traffic?

Allow me to explain using an example. You blog about dog related articles and you probably wouldn’t want to attract traffic (visitors) who are looking for cat related tips.

Make any sense to you?

3. What’s next after getting the right audience?

Let’s assume you had done the above and you are getting lots of good quality traffic back to your blog. Your next step is to ensure that you are monetizing correctly.

There are a few ways to monetize your blogs such as using:

  • Google Adsense
  • Affiliate programs
  • Advertising space for rental

Thinking of monetizing with Google Adsense? You need to know which are the high paying keywords. The trick here is choosing the related keywords with the decent amount of payout and that would increase your earning not once but multiple times.

When it comes to affiliate programs, you need to know who is your target market. For example, if I write about web hosting reviews, I would place advertisement banners about web hosting packages for the best results. You have to remember that just by selling one affiliate product could equal to hundreds of Adsense clicks.

Advertising space for rental is another way to generate monthly income for you. For a blog that has 100,000 or lesser traffic monthly, you could easily sell 250 x 250 size banners for at least $15 per month. Selling one or two banners monthly and it is more than enough to cover for your hosting expenditure.

Bonus tips about make money blogging (and over to you)

Understanding the market is probably your best bet to make money nowadays. Remember that you can’t just place all your eggs in one basket. A successful blogger who makes money online is the one who thinks out of the box!

Do you have any additional money making tips to share? Fill up the comment form below and let’s discuss.

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