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In order to have a strong blogging community there is a need and an importance for starting conversations between you, and your blog readers. A great way to do this is to engage your readers using the comment section after each article whenever they leave a comment. Blog commenting shouldn’t be taken lighlty. It’s one of the best means of getting traffic, building backlinks, promotion of your latest blog posts and to also build relationships between you and your blog readers (which I will be talking about in this article).

The stronger the relationship between you and your blog readers then the stronger your blogging community will be.

Here are 7 great tips to start a conversation with your readers and get more comments from them.

The number 1 reason why your readers leave comments on your blog posts is because what you have written was great and they have benefitted for it. Articles without propper write-up and doesn’t have any life to it will fail to get the comments that you think it deserves.

Again I must say, “content is king.” Isn’t it true that great content on a blog makes the blog more successful, both in getting comments and making money online? Yes it is. Quality content is the reasons why our visitors turn into loyal blog readers. Without this great quality content our blog is no better than a blog sheet of paper.

Aim to write great blog posts and your readers will want to leave their comments or feedback on your article.

At almost the end of every blog post that I have written, on my blog or guest posts, I always try my very best to include a group discussion to get comments on that article. Doing this will encourage the readers to make a comment by asking a question on their point of view, or if they have anymore information on that topic which they would like to share.

A group discussion is also a great way to start conversation between you and your readers which can have these visitors turning into unique visitors. Starting a conversation via group discussion also helps to get in more comments and also make others looking in want to join in the conversation, leave a comment and share their views as well. So next time you write an article, include a group discussion and see how your readers respond to it.

It’s always great to engage your readers by replying to their comments, this will let them know that you have seen their comments and you appreciate them leaving the comment. Sending a “thank you” message can put a warm smile on their face, but personally replying to their comments is the best way to do it. When you personally reply to their comments and ask them more questions it will strike a conversation right their and then, letting them come back to your blog to make a reply to what you have said.

Engaging your readers by replying to comments makes it easier for them to want to share your blog post with others, and in turn getting you more traffic and comments.

I like to make comments on other blogs that I read on a regular basis. This will help me to gain targeted traffic and to also expose my blog to those who haven’t seen it as yet. Blog commenting also helps to build up backlinks which is very beneficial for a blog’s success.

Apart for getting traffic from blog commenting it also helps to get comments on your articles as well. I can personally say that making comments on other blogs with the Comment Luv plugin installed helps me to get traffic on the article that I wish to be displayed by the Comment Luv plugin. This is the reason why I write great headlines so that I can grab the attention of others after leaving comments so that I can in turn get comments on my own articles.

Another thing is that when others see you making the effort to comment on oter blogs, especially the blog owners, they will also want to do the same for you and leave a comment on your article.

Blogging is not just about writing articles, publishing and making money from your blog, it’s much more than that. You should build up friendly relationships with other bloggers so that they can come to your blog every now and then and leave comments on your blog posts. Making friends with other bloggers will make the blogosphere a friendly place for every blogger and those who so desire to become a blogger in the near future.

It’s great to have friends who are bloggers that are willing to make the first comment so as to make your article not look like an unvisited post.

The Facebook Comment plugin is a great plugin which allows readers who are logged in to Facebook to easily make comments on your blog. Using this plugin can help to strike conversations in the blink of an eye. There are over an estimated 5 million users on Facebook and no doubt your blog readers are members of this very big social networking site.

After reading and noticing the Facebook Comment at the bottom of the article it will be easier for them to comment without have to full out anything else but their comment and then hitting the submit button.

If you want to get more comments on your blog, all you have to do is make it easy for your readers to leave comments. As simple as that. People often get frustrated and leave a blog if they have to go through a lot to leave a single comment on an article.

The easier it is then the more comment you will get.

Group Discussion

I would like for you to try these tips provided in this blog post and tell me how they work.
What are other ways that you can use to engage with your blog readers?

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