Blogging is the best tool if you want to build relationship for your business. Blog marketing through Social Media is a powerful marketing strategy for your business to get your brand up and become an influencer. A well build and manage blog can build an interactive conversation with your readers, clients or prospects, and you can build a strong following list with it.

A Blog can build an interactive conversation with your with your readers, clients or prospects. With correct optimization, you can build relationships and loyal readers to your blog.

How to Build Relationship with Blogging?

Always make your readers happy.

  1. Always respond for every comments or email.
  2. Please avoid being negative and criticizing others on your blog.
  3. Open your mind when creating posts.
  4. Always try to creating positive comments for others and helping people you’re your comments.
  5. Provide solutions with your answer when someone having troubles. This will build your credibility and expertise in your industry.
  6. Give what your readers wants. What your readers really wants, give them all!

Strong in ideas.

  1. Give your readers more motivation. Always try to create post that encourage your readers to do something better. They will remember you if that you’re your articles help them out from trouble. Sure they will be back to find you 😉
  2. Story telling is always effective to make your ideas live. Try to put some amazing picture or videos to help your readers understand your ideas.
  3. Event you are the think tank, but do not arguing your readers. Try finding another way better than arguing your readers. It’ll be better if you have a strong arguments with facts or example.

Being a leader.

  1. No body perfect. Always admit your mistake and be open to discuss mistakes you have made.
  2. You are not an encyclopedia. We all have limitation, so try to asking questions or suggestion form people around you or your readers.
  3. Your main goal is to help your readers. Your readers must get all the benefits from your ideas.
  4. Never under estimate others, your contributors or your readers. Always respecting others capabilities will help them to succeed.

Strong relationship will bring your business to the next level and when people know that you can help with your solutions people will always come to you and will always looking for you for every problems.


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