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Understanding how to fully take advantage of a blogging community to market and promote yourself is always a big task.

Let’s face it as much as you enjoy voting and reading other blogs you also have to receive a benefit form your activities within the community.

In this article I will share with you the ways in which I use blog engage to successfully promote myself and the blog engage social blog.

The best part about marketing with Blog Engage is no matter what you do to better yourself your always helping someone else.

Blog Commenting

Let’s take blog commenting for our first example. What’s the biggest issue facing bloggers today when it comes to blog commenting? I’ll tell you what it is and it’s finding blogs within their desired niche to comment on. Looking for blogs in your target market to comment on can be an overwhelming and never ending task.

Blog Engage provides a solution to this by allowing you to sort blogs and blog articles by category. Perhaps this isn’t enough and you want to get even more targeted. Blog Engage allows you to search articles by specific tags drilling even more deep into your target market.

Quality Backlinks

In order to get the best possible back links to your blog you have to get related links that is similar to your blog. So if you’re blogging about Marketing your back links should all be related to Marketing. Also when it comes to quality Blog Engage makes sure that all our members and their blogs meet specific requirements when joining the community.

Creating targeted back links will benefit your blog more then creating a large quality of  low quality non targeted backlinks. Focus on your niche market and build quality back links. Stop worrying about getting 300 or 400 back links. If the links aren’t relative trust me it’s not worth your time.

Meeting New Bloggers

Building online relationships and meeting other bloggers is always a key element to our online success. This allows you to grow, gain new readers and learn from one another. Blog Engage offers an amazing environment to meet new people, specifically bloggers that have quality blogs and tons of experience to share with you.

You will see overtime this truly is one of the biggest benefits of using our social network. You will find many bloggers willing to help, share and interact with you. At first you may think it’s the extra comments but you will soon see meeting new bloggers is one of our greatest benefits. It’s important to meet people like you that have experienced the same growth issues.

Promoting My Own Content

One of the biggest benefits Blog Engage has to offer is the ability to submit and promote your very own articles. Unlike our competitors we allow our members to submit their own content. I started like this even when I first started blog engage.

The idea of Blog Engage is to promote your articles in order to build up quality comments and intellectual conversations within your blog. You submit your content, we as Blog Engage members vote and comment when interested.

If you have other ideas on how bloggers can take advantage of our community to market and promote their selves please do post a comment below and weigh in.

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About Brian

My name is Brian and I’m a Graduate of Business Administration Marketing. I work full time in Sales and Marketing. I am also the owner of Blog Engage a social network I created specifically for bloggers.

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