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Brother Office Talk is part of the Brother International Corporation which focuses on helping the small business community. Their blog shares news, trends, reviews, opinions on different Brother products.

One of the reasons that attracted me towards Brother Office Talk is because of their commitment to help small businesses. They are highly motivated and dedicated in their work. They provide lots of useful news and tips on how you can make your small business better.


Office Talk Helps Small Businesses

Brother Office Talk regularly provides useful tips for successfully running a small business. One of their latest post is Five Easy, Affordable DIY Ways To Promote Your Small Business. One of the key points that they mention in this post is sending direct emails to potential customers. Most are skeptical about sending potential customer promo emails because it might upset them. Also, the level of spamming no a days has reached such a point these days, that genuine mails are sometimes considered as spam. Brother Office actually has a great strategy for this approach. They recommend adding a special discount or coupon which might interest the potential customers. Half the battle is own, when you’re able to create interest in your potential customers.

Another important tip they focus on is Thank You and Holiday Cards. They believe that every small businesses should extend their sincerest gratitude to their customers. Small businesses run because of few faithful and loyal customers. That’s why it is always important to wish them during the holidays with a thank you. Holidays are special  moments for everyone because of which they will remember your brand.


Another great tip is to put out flyers, posters and window displays. The thing is potential customers walk bu your small business everyday. But chances are very few notices them. That’s why it’s important to attract their attention. One such way is putting out flyers and posters. Also, make sure you create attractive looking posters which will showcase what your brand is about and the products and services you provide.

Brother Office Talk recently wrote about the 10 Ways You Can Help Your Small Business Reach Its Marketing Potential. It focuses on the more important and technical part of Internet Marketing.


They have actually written a comprehensive guide on how small business owners can profit from effective marketing from their products and services. Below are some of the highlights of the guide.

    Establish a social media listening program
    Reach a highly targeted audience through social media advertising
    Break through the content clutter
    Become an industry thought leader
    Create specific email messages for specific people
    Increase click through rates
    Improve your paid search results through creative testing
    Enhance your online visibility with rich snippets & local listings
    Use powerful analytics platforms

Another great post that Brother Office has recently written is The Top 20 Free Internet Marketing Tools and Resources That Can Help Your Small Business. Being successful internet marketer requires a lot of technical skills as well as marketing skills. But skills alone are not enough. You also need the right tools to manage and analyze your marketing campaigns. Brother has also created a comprehensive guide which helps you learn how to use some of the best tools.


You will discover how easy and cost-effective it is to make the most of your Internet marketing campaigns with these free resources for:

    Web Analytics –   Learn how people are interacting with your website and discover what could be hurting your website
    Social Media – Keep tabs on what people are saying about your brand (and your competitors) on social media
    Search Engine Optimization – Improve your keyword research process
    Paid Search – Build a better paid search campaign
    Content  – Create killer content
    Email Marketing – Test your email subject line
    Mobile Optimization – Optimize your website for the mobile user

For a small business owner, the budget is always limited. That’s why, it’s important to learn the use of the free tools which are also one of the best. Most of the small and intermediate level markers because it’s more economical.

So, make sure you check out Brother Office Talk, because they are one of the best and I highly recommend them.

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