Content is the fuel that propels your digital marketing supercar. Whether you are marketing for a B2B company or a B2C business, you cannot afford to ignore online marketing. So, you take time to write killer product descriptions, craft awesome guest blogs and design interesting infographics.

However, when it comes to creating powerful landing pages and incentivizing the users to fill in a form, all these content types are of no use. They can drive the visitors to the landing page, but you need a stronger offer to hook the hard-earned traffic of valuable visitors. This is why long-form, well-researched content types like whitepapers and ebooks rock.

How can an Ebook Augment Digital Marketing Efforts?

If you have an ecommerce website or are into selling products whose prices are widely known, you have use discounts or other monetary rewards as incentives. But this is not always possible. At such times, ebooks can be the ideal top-of-the-funnel offers.

For instance, a company selling pool pumps can create an ebook titled “Common Pool Pump Problems and Easy Solutions.” This ebook can attract the right visitors. Once they download the book, a middle-of-the-funnel offer could be a free 30-minute consultation with a pool-maintenance expert.

Why don’t you create an ebook?

Most marketers shy away from creating ebooks (even the ones that publish ten guest post a day!). The biggest reason is that marketers feel that an ebook would take too long to write and design. This is a misconception: an effective ebook can have just 10-15 pages, and once you create a design, the template can be reused for further ebooks.

And just how do you create a powerful ebook? Here’s how:

1. Start with thorough Research

Every digital marketer knows that content alone is of no use: content plus context is what works. So, you must:

  • Find what questions your target audience is asking, or information that you know will help or entertain your target
  • Shortlist the questions or problems that are most closely related to your business
  • Select a topic that doesn’t have enough answers online, a topic that can stand detailed treatment

2. Craft Magnetic Titles

You don’t have much time to grab the interest of your potential leads. A succinct, actionable title is most likely to hook the valuable readers who are actually interested in the title. 8 out of 10 people will read your headline, but most of them may choose not to click it. The better your headline, the more likely you are to get people to download the ebook. Here are some headline formulas that work well:

  • The Complete Guide to [Insert problem you are addressing]

E.g. The complete Guide to Troubleshooting Pool Pump Motor

  • Little Known Ways to [Insert problem you are addressing]

E.g. Little Known Ways to Solve Common Pool Pump Problems

  • Common [Insert topic] Mistakes Everyone Makes

E.g. Common Pool Pump Maintenance Mistakes Everyone Makes

You can also check out other sure-fire headline ideas on the CopyBlogger site, and choose the one that best fits your subject. Also, don’t forget to include topic-related keywords and company name in the file name – this will make your ebook easy to search.

3. Design an Eye-Grabbing Template

Even just one well-conceptualized ebook can empower your digital marketing team, but it is best to create at least a few ebooks. In case you are planning to create more than one ebook, you need to create a professional-looking template for your ebook.

It doesn’t need to be frightfully complicated – you can do it yourself using PowerPoint or similar tools. By using a consistent design for all your ebooks, you create an impression of professionalism, and also make your task simpler for the next time.

4. Use Sub-Headings and Boxes Lavishly

You cannot have flat, plain content in an ebook. It fatigues the readers and they get bored within a few scrolls. So, you need to make a judicious use of boxes. Let the main part of the page have the basic content, but sprinkle extra information in emphasis boxes. Such boxes could include:

  • Interesting facts
  • Critical data
  • Pull quotes
  • Brief stories or incidents

Make sure to highlight the boxes by using a different colored background. You can also play with the font size and type to draw the reader’s eyes to a specific piece of information.

Apply the same concept to content throughout: offer frequent and powerful headings that can serve as milestones and landmarks for the readers.

5. Engage Readers with Striking Images

No matter what you are selling, any ebook that doesn’t have beautiful pictures and other visual elements can become quite difficult to plough through. Still, placing any odd image won’t work – find or create images that help you underline the points you are making. The more striking and relevant your images are, the more engaging the content will be for the readers.

6. Strong, Actionable Conclusions

While an ebook delivers more infotainment than a white paper, both have identical end goals – pulling visitors deeper into the sales funnel. While it is not beneficial to plug your products or services blatantly, the story in your ebook must smoothly lead to one conclusion: customer getting in touch with you or buying your product. This requires a fine balance.

Let’s go back to our example. If you are a pool pump servicing or selling company, the article can talk about pool pump problems. In the final section, you can conclude that it is best to service the pool pump regularly, or buy a pool pump that is most suitable to the specific swimming pool. This can be followed by a call-to-action to talk to your pool pump experts.

7. Repeated Call-to-Actions and Relevant Links

Many businesses are mortally afraid of including links in their ebooks – they fear that the visitor will leave the ebook and not come back. Unfortunately, this destroys the purpose of an ebook – it should be information and fun. As it is an electronic medium, it must contain links to relevant web pages. Also, do not forget to add social buttons – the readers should be able to share the ebook link with others.

Call-to-action buttons and links should also be spread throughout the ebook. It is quite possible that the reader may want to get in touch with you before reaching the end of the book. The link should take the reader one step closer to purchasing your products or services.

Summing up

All the best for your ebook creation project, and we hope that it helps you boost sales. If ebook marketing has worked for you in past, please share your insight and experiences with us in the comments!

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