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Welcome to the Blog Engage Community Blog. I allow all our members an equal right to guest blog here in our community in front of thousands of our members. You can write about any of the following topics Making Money Online, Blogging Tips, Traffic, Design, Social Networking, SEO, Marketing, Technology and other industry or niche specific topics you think Blog Engage members would be interested in reading.

Any post containing more than 2 links will be considered promotional and will require a 25 GBP payment.

Please note this is a wordpress blog you have to sign up with a username and password different from the main site. Also please note if you want to guest blog for marketing purposes it’s $25 GBP per post and that depends on the quality and if it holds up to the Blog Engage standards. If you are legitimately guest blogging no fees will be charged.

  • Content must be unique to Blog Engage and not resubmitted or published else where
  • We will review your account and upgrade it so you can write for the blog
  • Write your post, save it and it will be reviewed and published
  • Please Do Not add your own formatting. I will add this for you.
  • All images must be picked and sent to me from Free Digital Images. Please e-mail me the link directly to the image and the code needed to link back to the photographer.

We don’t allow affiliates links or blatant advertising. If you want to improve your readership, SEO, backlinks and overall traffic with good quality content you are welcomed.

Why Guest Blog at Blog Engage?

Every blogger gets an about him or her section at the end of each article. Your name is a link back to your blog. Allowed Links, Twitter, linkedin, facebook, Blog Engage, Google + etc…

Setting up Your Bio

Step One. Create an backlink to your blog in the paragraph about you.

Step Two: Create Facebook and twitter backlinks so your social media profiles are easily accessible by anyone interested in your content.

Step three: Make sure to include your Blog Engage profile. This makes it easier for members to follow you on site and engage with your submitted articles.

Introduce yourself

New to Blog Engage and feel lost? Take this opportunity to introduce yourself and your blog to our community. tell us a little about your interested, blogging habits and more.

Promote your Blog Engage group

Have a group created but don’t know how to advertise it? Trying to get more bloggers with similar interests in your group This is the perfect way. guest blog about your group, introduce it to our members and invite them to join.

Exposure for your blog

Maybe you just started your blog and your looking to get word out about it. Guest blogging is a great way to tell a larger established group of readers as your post will usually include a plug about yourself and your blog. Just be sure you are guest blogging on a blog that relates to your own blog.

Exposure for yourself

Maybe your interested in getting your freelance writing skills notice, or your knowledge on a specific topic. Like I mentioned in your plug you can introduce yourself and give a way for others to get in touch with you.


It is generally acceptable to include a link back to an article you wrote previously on your blog as long as it fits in the article and offers the reader value. At the very least your plug will include a link back to your blog offering you another valuable incoming link

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