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Have you considered hosting guest bloggers on your blog? Maybe you’re thinking about having a guest blogging contest but you don’t know a thing about inviting guest authors to your blog. It’s easier than you think so don’t be afraid to get started with allowing others a chance to share their content on your blog.

How to be A Good Blog Host

There are a few things you need to take care of first and here’s an important one that many of you might be overlooking. After all, you want your guest bloggers to put their best foot forward and offer you high quality articles, then in return you should do your best to be a good blog host. You should install a plugin to properly display the guest authors bio!

Here at Blog Engage, Brian recently talked about how to Set Up Your Bio When Guest Blogging and you should have a similar bio box for guest posters on your blog. On my blog, Basic Blog Tips, I use the plugin called Better Author Bio.

Good Guest Blog Host

This plugin provides each guest with the following:

  • Link to all of their posts on my blog
  • Link to the guest’s blog or website
  • Link to their Twitter profile
  • Link to their Facebook Page or Profile

Did you notice all those links? 🙂 There are many plugins available for creating an author bio box, so be a good to your guest bloggers and in turn, they’ll be good to you!

BONUS TIP: When you want to find all of the posts by a given author on your WordPress blog, take the url of your blog and add /author/username to the end. For example, in order to find all of my posts here on Blog Engage, this is the url: 

Therefore, if you are a guest blogger here on Blog Engage, simply replace my user name with your own, and now you have a listing of all your guest posts here on the site!
What are some of the ways you use to treat your guest bloggers good?

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About Ileane Smith

I’m Ileane from Basic Blog Tips. On my blog you can learn how to use WordPress and Social Media effectively! Get free video tutorials for Twitter, Facebook, StumbleUpon, YouTube, CommentLuv, Podcasting and so much more! Check out my submitted posts here on Blog Engage and add me as a friend, from this link to my profile Ileane - I'm here to help so if you have a question, leave a message in my Blog Engage InBox!

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