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A backlink is an inward link to your site that may be (or not) paid with a link back from that page. If page X links to a page Y , than the link from the Y page to X page will be called “backlink”.

The Bad backlinks

  • Backlinks from link farms, link exchanges, and similar groups (buying, swapping, and giving away links simply to generate links) In Google’s eyes, any types of link scheme not approved and can seriously decrease your rankings.
  • Bad Neighborhoods(Backlinks from bad sites) – Porn,gambling or drug sites (banned by search engines and also your site if you link to it).
  • “I’ll link to your blog if you link to my blog , so you get one link to your blog and I also receive a backlink” is called a Triangular Linking Scheme (can be penalized/banned).
  • If the backlinks on that page have a rel=”nofollow” tag on them the search engines won’t give you credit for the link .
  • The website takes forever to load (too many ad banners, etc.) and search engines won’t wait.The website is poorly designed and has broken code, etc. (it may not be indexed)
  • Free for All Links -they allow anyone to post a link unreviewed which results in unrelated and spammy links (banned by search engines and also your site if you link to it)
  • Sidebar or footer links. Search robots place very little importance on the links situated in Blogroll or in footer,those links may generate some new traffic but those links are not an effective way to increase your Page Rank. Backlinks within the site content are best.

The Good Backlinks

A good backlink is basically a link that comes from a good site that has a similar theme to the one it points to.

Some of the best ways to get quality links is:

  • Listing your site to directories like DMOZ, Yahoo etc.
  • Creating your own blogs or listing your website in blogs with high traffic and quality content that visitors love to read.You can find many dofollow blog lists ,there are many blogs with high page rank , if you have your blog there you might get some nice traffic.
  • Forum posting with the use of targeted anchor text for your sites.You can also find some dofollow forums lists,using this kind of lists you can get some good backlinks posting on forums with high Page Rank.
  • Link exchange or keywords as anchor tags with sites of your own domain avoiding link farms and irrelevant pagerank.
  • An effective professional Press release that can provide something announcing to the visitors. Though difficult press releases do contribute in providing quality back links to your website .


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