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We are offering Free £19.99 Blog Engage Accounts. The process to get started is extremely easy and when completed you will receive your very own, free £19.99 Blog Engage Standard Account. The first step of three is signing up to our Blog Engage Affiliate Program, and guess what? we’re also rewarding you with a $10.00 GBP sign up bonus.

Step: #1 – 10 GBP Sign Up Bonus

Let’s start off by earning your first $10.00 GBP. Take a moment and Sign up to the Blog Engage Affiliate Program. This is NOT a third party I own both Affiliate Lights and Blog Engage. When you sign up, I will approve your account and credit your account $10.00 GBP. Add the banner image high in your header or sidebar we offer 25% recurring commissions on all sales. Take an image and add the affiliate banner to your sidebar for a minimum of 30 days!

Step: #2 – Write about the Blog Engage Community

Now on to the main event. Your very own Free £19.99 Standard Blog Engage Account. In order to get your free account you must help our community grow by writing about us on your blog. This is not a review but a promotional piece letting your readers know about Blog Engage and how amazing our community is. This is also a good time to add the affiliate code and banner to your site. If we get any sales from your article we reward you with 25% recurring commissions.

Step: #3 – Add The Banner

Take a banner from the Affiliate Lights program and add it in your sidebar. This is by far the easiest step and overtime will help you earn commissions and generate revenues with your blog. Tons of bloggers are making money using our program and selling our services, it’s time to stop missing out and time to take advantage of our growing community.

Step: #4 – Contact Us

Use the Contact form and send me your article about blog engage and website or blog where you have added the banners.

What’s Included in a Blog Engage Standard Account?

    Manual Submission:

With your manual submission account you have full access to the blog engage community. Your articles will need manual submission but all features and functions of the site will be available for you to use.


You will have the ability to create or join groups for your blog. During the submission process you will have the ability to submit targeted articles into these groups. This is a great way to get your content in front of an audience that wants to read it.

    Community Blog

You have full access to and are welcomed to guest blog on our community blog as often as you like. You can introduce yourself to our community, show off your blog and so much more.

    Free e-Book

SEO Marketing E-Book Written by me Brian Belfitt.

    Just Retweet Bonus (500)

Just Retweet in partnership with Blog Engage offers all Blog Engage Standard Account holders free Credits. Just ReTweet is an excellent Twitter Web App and traffic tool that helps Twitter users pull huge traffic to their blog articles.


My name is Brian and I’m a Graduate of Business Administration Marketing. I work full time in Sales and Marketing. I am also the owner of Blog Engage a social network I created specifically for bloggers.

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