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WP Engine is one of the best managed WordPress Hosting provider in the world. With WP Engine, you get the ultimate support that you need for running a WordPress site. For someone, whose business depends on their WordPress blog/site, WP Engine is the perfect choice.


WP Engine has 5 kinds of plans – Personal, Professional, Business, Premium and Enterprise. The higher you go the more you will have to pay. Personal plan is best for just one site which has about 25,000 visits/month. It also comes with 10 GB local storage and unlimited data transfer. It costs $29/month.

The Professional plan costs $99/month. It comes with 20 GB local storage and can support till 100K visits/month. It also comes with unlimited data transfer. This is the best plan if you’re running multiple WordPress sites – which you can include your own and your client’s site. This plan provides some great flexibility.


The Business plan comes with 300 GB of local storage and unlimited data transfer. It can support upto 25 WordPress installations 400K visits/month. The Business plan is the best when you have a high traffic WordPress site. If you’re running a WordPress ecommerce site, this would be the perfect plan for you. Since WP Engine provides managed services, you also have the option of adding extended functionalities. You would also need to install SSL certificates, to protect the buyer’s personal information.

The Premium plan is perfect for growing brands. This is plan is generally perfect for brands which are not necessarily enterprises, but they’re growing rapidly. The premium plan comes with dedicated servers and dedicated customer support to help the brand in any way possible. The premium plan supports 15o WordPress installs and 1 million+ visits per month. It also comes with 100-300GB local storage and unlimited data transfer.


The Enterprise plan is the highest plan WP Engine has. It makes use of clustered solutions to provide scalability, reliability and security. Apart from clustered servers, WP as put in place load balancers to help mitigate high traffic and load. This ensures that the performance of your WordPress site is not affected. The Enterprise plan supports upto 150 installs and 5 Million+ visits per month. It also comes with 400GB-1TB local storage and unlimited data transfer.

Apart from all these, you get some added benefits when you host your website with WP Engine. The support team for WP Engines consists of US based WordPress experts who will be available to provide support any way you require. You also get the option of Daily Backups and 1-click restore. This ensures that in case something goes wrong with your website, you can restore it with just 1 click.


You also get CDN and SSL. The CDN facilities ensures that your content is served to your readers very fast. SSL ensures that the data transmission is secure to prevent any unauthorized hacks. It also comes with EverCache which is a proprietary caching technology that ensures your content loads quickly.

Make sure you check out WP Engine as it’s one of the industry leaders when it comes to managed WordPress Hosting.

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