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Blogging makes it possible for one to give his two cents worth on general topics, with the possibility of making some money from it. At the onset, most personal bloggers are not keen on SEO, video content, advertising and similar intricacies of the worldwide web. However, with time, they realize that it is possible to earn some bucks while sharing their opinions about different issues online. Below are five creative ways to earn money from your blog:


Selling advertising is the most popular way of earning revenue from blogs. This is especially true if your blog happens to become quite popular for a certain niche. You may register for Google’s AdSense program, whereby the search engine operator allows you to place several ads consistent with the theme of your blog. You receive small payments according to the number of clicks the advertisement generates from visitors.

You may also choose BlogAds, which charges a small commission for placing ads on your blog. Here, you are able to deal directly with advertisers, and negotiate payments for placing relatively inconspicuous adverts on your blog.

Affiliate Marketing

You can also earn passive income from your blog through affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing programs allow third parties to act as a link between traders and customers. For instance, you can write book reviews on your blog, mentioning several published titles using SEO methodology. Readers can learn more about the book by clicking on a link to Amazon, E-Bay or other popular e-retailers. You receive a small stipend for your marketing efforts, if they happen to purchase the book by following your link.

Personal Marketing

Apart from affiliate marketing, which is merely marketing products on behalf of someone else, you can also market your own products or services using blogs. When writing content for the blog, try to figure out creative ways of selling your own merchandise or services to prospective readers. For instance, if you are a web designer, do not simply blog about HTML, hosting and design software. Instead, create content that displays your abilities, expertise and professional perspective on the niche subject. This may resonate well with some readers, who might contact you for future business.

Customer Relations

Entrepreneurs with online businesses should make a point of blogging about it. Their main domain serves as a platform for doing business only. Hence, an accompanying blog gives business owners an opportunity to communicate informally with customers about matters touching on the business. Here, you can offer customers a glimpse of the full scope of business or services available from your domain.

Blogging is a fun and interesting way to communicate with the online community. You can also make passive income from a personal or business-related blog. This is possible using advertising, affiliate marketing, personal marketing, customer relations and other creative techniques. However, all content on the blog must be professional and SEO, in order to attract a substantial audience.


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