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The Blog Engage $500 USD Guest Blogging Contest #1
Blog Engage $500 USD Guest Blogging Qualifying Article

This topic might not be as interesting as what anyone is thinking. Anyone might find this quite humorous but I am sure that at least two on this list were experienced by every professional blogger of today. So, if you’re a newbie, don’t take it as offensive one. Take it as an advice.

Facts About Newbie Bloggers

So, what’s your name?

Okay, first thing first. In blogging, blog title really matters a lot. Newbie bloggers are not aware of it. So, he will make a trial-and-error for his new blog’s title. At most, a newbie will choose a title that is good for his ears even the truth is, it’s annoying. But no one knows, that title might be the next internet’s biggest name. There are lot’s of annoying titles around the web. And besides, in my point of view, it’s just a matter of name. Though it matters a lot for Search Engine Optimization, the main content is the most important. No one will look for your blog’s title for more than a minute. Everyone will look for the content.

The eye-catcher!

Design matters and simplicity is beauty when it comes to blog design. But the fact is, a newbie will spend a lot of time for designing his first blog up to the point that it became over-decorated. He will put a lot of widgets on his blog’s sidebar, footer, and everywhere. Well, that’s beautiful for a newbie’s eye. But time will come that he will realize that those fancy widgets weren’t that useful.

Again, simplicity is beauty. Why? As a blogger, you are not about to blog things for yourself. You blog because you want to share something, could be either information or any media types. So, in selecting design and colors, do not choose your favorite one. Choose for what you think is good for your audience eyes. If your blog design has the color orange and yellow-green as its main colors, I bet, no one can stay on your blog for more that five minutes.

Unlimited Reload

If you’re a professional blogger right now, can you still remember how many times did you reloaded your blog just to see how it looks like? Well, every blogger wants their blog to look good so, I guess, this is normal for the newbies specially when they’re still on designing stage. And I bet, a newbie could spend a day or even a week just to finalized the design of his first blog. Yes, even there’s still no content.

This is also applicable on testing your site’s visitors counter. It’s very funny that I am so much guilty with it. I am very happy seeing my visitors counter increasing it’s number yet I already knew that I am the only one who visits my blog. Well, I removed that widget since then. Instead, I started to use some statistics tools like Alexa and Google Analytics to see the real counts.

That’s mine!

blog contest image

Any web content is a copyright of it’s creator. Actually, asking for permission and giving credits are just enough in this free internet world. But the newbies are, again, unaware of this. He will just copy some contents to his blog without returning any credits. Although, he might not claim the ownership of the content, he also didn’t give credits or didn’t even asked for permission.

Just imagine this, if you became a successful blogger and the time has come that you visited some blogs, and you saw your own creation on that blog, what would you feel? Would you feel proud even there’s no single word that credits that work to you?

We are very lucky that SOPA and PIPA failed to conquer the web. We are still free! Yet, being free doesn’t mean that we can get whatever we want. Besides, it is a good practice to say “thanks” to the original author. And the only way to say it is to give credits by linking to the author’s website or profile.

I’ll follow you back.

One of the known strategy on blog promotion is by commenting of other blogs, specially the related ones. Again, newbies are unaware of that but he do “blog hopping” and commenting on other blogs. But the funny fact is that on his comment, he’ll ask for a visit back to his blog. Sometimes, they just try to be good in commenting but as you read the comment, there are no relevance. So what’s the purpose of that? Remember, comments must always be about the topic and not about your blog.

When will the advertisement appear?

Before a newbie will enter the world of blogging, he might already heard about earnings through advertisement specially with the use of Google Adsense. A newbie is so excited to see any advertisement on his blog.

When will I get paid?

Of course, when there’s advertisement, there’s payment. And once the newbie blogger saw that advertisements appears on his blog, he will eventually check his Adsense account for how much he earned for a couple of hours ago, not knowing that he’s the only visitor his blog’s have for that day. I suggest, do not look to your earnings daily and be surprise if you visited your account again, you’ll see some cents. At least, it is less annoying.

That’s all. And for the newbies, don’t be afraid of the blogosphere. There’s a big space here for improvement. I claim no mastery in blogging. Just remember, everything is a learning process and always remember this, “Content is the King“.

Let’s make a healthy discussion here for the newbies. Please leave some comments and everything will be appreciated. Thanks a lot and happy blogging.

About Kris Edison Macomb

I am a Computer Engineer by profession who specializes on software development. I know different programming languages like VB6.0, VB.NET, Python, PHP, Javascript and Java. In fact, I'm a hobbyist who just try to develop different programs just for fun. I love blogging too. Since I discovered the fun in blogging, it becomes one of my hobbies (next to programming). There are several blogs I started but I left them all since I started NooBite.

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