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Over the past decade, we witnessed a lot of digital transformation. One exceptional anomaly was the shift from traditional brick and mortar to contemporary forms of marketing. Businesses started to realize the power of the internet, that have the potential to carter an entire niche market and sell products/ services at a competitive edge.

In a digital world where everything is commodified, your competitive edge is determined based on the digital marketing strategy in place. Without an online marketing strategy in place, it becomes more and more unyielding to achieve online success.

In this article, we will discuss the importance of having a digital marketing strategy in place and what strategies are best for you.

Importance of Online Marketing Strategy

  • Setting Goals – If you don’t have an online marketing strategy in place then it will be arduous to expand your customer base, and a bewildered effort to determine your progress. Without knowing the progress it will be hard to achieve the end goal.
  • Cost Effective – Online marketing is one economical way to promote your products and services to a wide segment of the audience more effectively. Social networking campaigns are one best example where marketing messages can be sent out at a lower cost.
  • Wide reach – Gives you access to a mass audience who spend time online on a global scale. Whereas traditional marketing restricts the level of reach. As technology advances the opportunities of reaching your target audience increases exponentially.
  • Faster Impact – With a simple click prospect will get converted to paying customers. Stats published on says that, people who use the internet for pleasure spends an average of 100 minutes per day online. So it’s better to be where the users are.

Top Digital Marketing Strategies you should consider integrating into your marketing plan

Maintain a Blog – Content marketing Strategy

Blogs are one best way to a attract and retain customers. All top enterprises around the world have realized the power of organic traffic and are investing lot more in content. While maintaining a blog it’s obligatory to create high-quality articles that adds value to your target audience. Your blogs have to be a repository of informative articles and should be able to provide a seamless flow of user experience. Google uses algorithms to determine the level of engagement each article has. More the user invests his/ her time on your website more Google trusts your website.

Consistency plays an important role in blogging. Periodically creating content helps to engage customers consistently and produce article that has updated information. That means if you are trying to optimize an article based on the topic “Top Marketing Trends” and your competitor is also trying to optimize for the same keyword then Google will rank whichever article that has updated information (note- There are lot more factors that determine the ranking).

Maintaining a blog also helps you to position yourself as an industry expert. A blog gives you the voice to reach out to your target customers.

Engage and convert your customers through SMM Strategy

Social media is transforming into a marketplace of buyers and sellers. This platform comes with the unique ability of instantaneously reaching out to prospects and customers globally and provide solutions to their problems/ complaints, respond to their questions, etc. It is not wise to approach social media without a strategy.

Take advantage of current trends

Social media should be used to engage with your audience on a regular basis. Create small content around niche topics that are trending. Every social media is different from one another. Every social platform has a different purpose, so based on what social platform you are planning to interact the content have to be curated. Randomly posting the same content on all platforms won’t work. For eg: On facebook, you can use a casual tone while writing the snippet. Twitter is famous for its short messaging services, a lot of people uses twitter to know what’s trending every day. Whereas LinkedIn is a professional platform, so the content you publish on this platform should be more of an informative one with substantiating facts and figures.

Find target customers and market

It’s necessary that you find communities and groups where your target customers engage, and try to market your product/ services in those places. Randomly posting an article on your timeline will not give you the advantage you are looking for. For eg: If you are providing coworking spaces then the most effective community to promote is startup groups. That’s where most of your target customer’s interact.

Create a matrix to calculate the return

If you are investing in paid advertising on social media then you need to create a matrix to determine the ROI. A matrix helps to track the progress.

PPC to get instant search visibility and conversion

Paid advertising or Pay Per Click is quite common marketing technique among digital marketers. In simple terms a, PPC is a kind of advertising technique where you will pay the search engine a bid amount with an intent to rank on SERP. The bid is made for individual keywords that you wish to rank. Once you bid for a keyword the chances are high that you may rank for the keyword. Note that I didn’t mention that you will because there are certainly other factors like the quality score that determines the ranking factor.

PPC marketing strategy can pretty much consume all your budget if not wisely used. Usually, in PPC, the cost will be calculated based on the no: of times someone clicks a link (Cost Per Click), no: of times the Ad is shown (Cost Per Impression), or the no: of conversion you get. Ego based bidding is one main reason why marketers lose their money. Alway calculate what potential does a keyword has in view of bringing profit.

In PPC if your end objective is conversion, it is always better to bid for a long tail keyword in the decision stage of a buyer’s journey. Decision stage keywords clearly show the prospect’s interest towards the product/ service.

Why Email Marketing Strategy brings the best ROI

Stats published on says that on an average of 205 billion emails are sent daily and it’s estimated that the number will hit 246 billion by 2019. Email marketing gives you a better ROI, for every $1 spend you will get $40.

Let’s use an example for email marketing strategy. The e-commerce giant amazon has a clearly defined email strategy. You will never get an email from amazon addressing “dear customer”, Instead it will be a well personalized “Dear Nishant”. The suggestions or pitch will always be around the buyers post purchase/ browsing behavior.

A personalized email to your target audience with a giveaway of discounts or offers will drive better traffic to your website. A boutique store coming up with an offer like, 50% discount on all people who participate in the fashion show will definitely attract more people.

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