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We can’t deny the fact that there are many bloggers nowadays are not making money from their blogs as they expected. For me, blogging is one of the best ways to learn and apply the make money strategies we have learned online.

But despite for their blogging efforts, they struggled so much to earn a few dollar. I am thinking that one of the reasons why they struggled on their money making online journey is that, they don’t treat their blog or blogging effort as their own business. In which investing money is necessary.

The fact is that,  most people tend to do blogging because they want to earn money online without spending a dime in the first place. Perhaps, they plan to utilize the money that has been generated from their blog into an investment like purchasing their first domain name, subscribing a hosting account, purchasing an internet marketing tool and others.

Yeah, that’s the fact. Because I’ve through all of those in my earlier days of money making online. Though, I generate money from my blog, it is still not enough to pay my bills. From that moment, I am thinking of another strategies that would let me earn a living online and that I found to become a freelancer or a Virtual Assistant.

As a blogger for a period of time, you already learned a lot of internet marketing strategies and skills which you can offer to the needed online companies out there.

Compile those skills of yours and find a marketplace where most internet businesses are gathering people to become their employees.

The best way for you to get started is to join a micro job marketplace which will be your middle man for safer service. Below is my Top 3 of Micro Job Marketplace that you can join.


Fiverr is the most popular micro job marketplace nowadays because of its unique $5 Gig that you can offer to other people. What are the things you can do for $5? As a blogger, is it link building, article writing, wordpress website building, SEO or other things you’ve learned so far? There’s a lot to learn.


3Quid is a UK based micro job marketplace which have some of the features of fiverr. Quid is a slang term for pounds which they enable their user to start their service price for as low as 3 quid or pounds having an equivalent of 5$ just like on fiverr’s price.

Despite of their new existence, I found out that they have more potentials because of its local targeted client which most internet business owners are based in United Kingdom.

The best thing about 3quid is that, they are now giving your full client’s payment from your Gigs. This means that if your client pay you $5, you will get the whole $5 being paid to you. This is a promotion of until the end of 2011. What are you waiting for? Register now!


Zeerk is another micro job marketplace that offers a service price that starts from $5, $7, $10 or even $25.  Because of this, many freelancers are using zeerk cause by this pricing option. As you noticed, you can’t give a low price of doing things that requires more efforts and time right?

That’s why, zeerk solve this problem to make sure that freelancers are not also in stake in doing their services for the right value. Moreover, they already built their credibility for most online business owners as a good source of freelancers.

Partial Conclusion.

In the end, doing an immediate action is necessary. Now that you already knew some of the most credible micro job marketplaces, why not registering an account now? Already have an account? Post the things that you really can give value to your clients because if not, you will only ruin your credibility as a good freelancer.

P.S. Doing micro jobs is best for all part-time freelancers which also a good start of becoming a full-time virtual assistant.

Virtual Assistance.

Virtual assisting the next level of doing freelance work. It is because most online business owners hire you for a full time work which means, a good source of earning a living.

The good thing about being a virtual assistant is because even you already have the skills they are looking for, they still train you for better work.

Another thing is that, you will work online in the convenient of your own home. You don’t have to go to your office which consumes another media of efforts and time. Business owners also build a good relationship with their workers which is a good way to build trust between your boss and his employers.

If finding a boss or client is your problem, joining a marketplace is necessary. The list below shows you some of the credible areas to find employees for business owners and to find a boss or clients for outsourcers.


Odesk is one of the most traffic website that targets employees and employers. I learn odesk for over a year now, and it seems many users are very much satisfied using this marketplace. I don’t have much of experience from their website but as what my friends (co-virtual assistants) are telling me, odesk is their way to find new virtual assisting jobs.

If you haven’t tried odesk, try them now.


Elance is another credible marketplace which virtual assistants can find companies or business owners to apply a job. I remember my first experience from elance where we hired a writer from India. Indeed, they keep their promise to have value on their service.

3. Online

As we all knew, Philippines is now the number one outsourcing country. It is because most Filipinos tend to land a job other than building their own businesses. And finding a good Filipino virtual assistant is also a headache if you don’t know where the place they have gathered.

Online is one of the most visited website for most Filipino VA’s because registering an account is absolutely free of charge. So if you are reading this post and happens to be a Filipino, visit this website and get your name listed and be found on their marketplace.

Final Words.

If you don’t take the immediate action now on creating an account to those websites I mentioned above, you will never get a client or land an online jobs.

I am hoping that this post helps and benefited you. If you find this useful to you, please share this post to your friends on facebook or in twitter.


– Felix Albutra



About Felix Albutra

Felix Albutra is a Freelance Virtual Assistant from the Philippines. He also blog on his Online Jobs Tips Blog that shares how to work from home as Freelancer. He will also be sharing some internet marketing tips, blogging, seo and the likes.

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