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You have heard it all before. In order to make money or get repeat visitors to your site it is all about growing your mailing list. The issue is how to go about doing this? Sure you have your email optin forms on your website. But they are the same old boring forms people are seeing everywhere nowadays. Visitors to your site treat them like ad banners. They completely ignore them. What if there was a way to provide something that is both fun and different and guarantees you will grow your list?

This is where Fyrebox comes in. With Fyrebox you can create fun games or quizzes to post onto your Facebook timelines. When people play them they are prompted to leave their email address that you can then download and add to your own mailing lists! If people like your game they can then re-share them onto their own timelines and have their friends play them as well which has the potential of making your games go viral!

With Fyrebox it not only helps you in getting email addresses. Through using the service Fyrebox can also help build up your brand awareness too! You could provide discount coupons for products you offer, re-direct people to your custom sales pages, or get people to view your YouTube videos to get more likes and subscribers to your YouTube channel.

Five Game Types to Choose From


There are five different game types to select from:

  • Create a simple Yes/No Answer Quiz. (Example: Did you know that the Sky is Blue? Yes/No)
  • Multiple Choice Quiz where you can add up to four options per question.
  • A Word Search which allows up to eight words per game.
  • Create your own custom game of Hangman using a phrase or slogan related to your brand.
  • Create a YouTube quiz where people will be prompted to answer questions related to the video you selected. In order to get the answers right they will have
    to watch the video.

If you don’t see the game type you like and would like to suggest another? You can contact Fyrebox and work with them directly with your idea.

How it Works

Fyrebox is an ingenious service that will turn the games/quizzes you create and post onto Facebook into ways to capture emails for you. All you need to do is follow the steps to create a great looking game in minutes.


  • Step 1 – Select one of the five different game types available.
  • Step 2 – Customize your Game – Use your company brand’s logo, select the background appropriate for the game you are creating, add your companies colors, and make sure to add your own content to make the game yours.
  • Step 3 – Publish the game onto your Facebook news feed and it immediately becomes playable. People can re-share with their friends and they too can play the game you created and capture those emails as well. Of if you want Fyrebox will publish the game for you!
  • Step 4 – After people have played the game and input their email address you can then go into the Fyrebox page to download them and import them into your own email lists.


You can try out Fyrebox today for Free. Check out the service, create a game and try it out on your Facebook news feed. The only downside of using the free service? It will only allow you to capture 50 emails a month.

For $15.00 a month you can upgrade to the Pro service. With it you can capture up to 500 emails a month.

If 500 emails a month aren’t enough? Then get the Pro + plan for $29.99 a month. You can capture upwards of up to 3000 emails per month.

For complete details take a look at the pricing table below.


As you can see with Fyrebox it’s a winning solution for everyone. The people on Facebook who play and share the games you create get to have fun playing them. And you get to build not only your email list but your brand as well! Make sure to check out Fyrebox to get started today!

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