In this post, I will share with you how I personally write my articles in order to be more time efficient along with briefly stating the different types of content that I write strategically. I will also share things to think about when you are deciding what order to post them in and when to promote them.

How I Write My Articles in Order to Be More Time Efficient

I have been writing poetry for 2 decades now and I always had a unique method of going about it. It transitioned to the way I write lyrics and from there it also transitioned to how I write my articles. I don’t know if other people write the way I do but I feel that my method is really time efficient and that it will help those who choose to adopt it.

I only recently started writing articles when I decided to create this blog so I had little experience. It still takes me days, and even up to a week sometimes to write one article to completion and to my satisfaction, but when one is complete three more get done back to back much more quickly. With all that being said, allow me to explain how I write my articles.

Even though I do sit down and write on occasion, it never starts off like that. Usually I go about my day and jot down ideas and the things I would like to say as they pop into my head. If a title of an article or an idea comes up, I just jot it down and later I add it to my note pad text file titled “Blog Posts to Write.” In most cases, I treat all my writings as pieces of a puzzle where I take sentences, ideas, bullet points, etc. and group them together accordingly. Here is an example of how it may look.

For the sake of this example, let’s say I want to write an article on bikes.  My article will consist of the potential title and some things I want to say.

How to Ride a Bike

What I want to say:

Keep wheel straight
Pedal slowly at first

Let’s say that these are ideas that I came up with as soon as I thought about it.

I might write an article when not to ride a bike.

When Not to Ride a Bike

What I want to say:

When it rains
When there’s a lot of traffic
When there are a lot of hills and I’m not experienced enough

As soon as I think of anything such as sub titles, sentences, paragraphs, more things I want to say, I would add them to the corresponding article at that time. As of right now, I have a dozen articles in this planning stage; some are closer to completion than others.

Scheduling Your Articles in a Strategic Order

Any time I research anything I constantly take notes and a lot of those notes evolve into blog posts, especially if I come up with a new method that I want to try or if I want to tweak an existing one I read about. Chances are that I will want to write a post about it so I would jot down all my ideas at that time. In this case, I would not have much information to go by so it’s a post that I will save for later. I like to try the idea and see how it works so that way I can add my results to that post.

In addition, if you have a few posts written ahead of time you should look at your posts and ask yourself “What order should I post them in, in order to get the most traffic and revenue out of this?” If you were to look at it in this sense, you would probably notice that a certain order would seem to be more natural and effective. In my situation, it makes more sense for me to post this guest post now because of the current content that’s on my blog. This way, if anyone decides to visit my blog they will have several articles to read whereas a few weeks ago there were fewer related articles.

Let me give you an example of scheduling your posts in a certain order. Let’s say these are the articles and their topics that I have written:

  • Cheap bikes – An article that contains affiliate links to generate revenue
  • Advice from cyclists – A collection of other cyclists’ advice
  • Bike site review – A review of a bike site
  • Bike resource list – A resource list of other bike sites
  • When not to ride a bike – Just information
  • How to ride your bike safely – Just information
  • Best places to ride your bike – Just information

If I have written all those posts and I just randomly post them, it would not be as effective as If I posted them in a certain order. Every post has a purpose (other than simply informing), whether it’s to drive traffic, revenue or keep visitors on my blog, so planning is essential.

Personally, I would try the following order:

  1. How to ride a bike
  2. When not to ride a bike
  3. Best places to ride your bike

I would post these 3 first simply because they provide information. After I have some informational content I would make a post that could potentially generate some revenue.

  1. Cheap bikes

This is my revenue producing post with referral links.

  1. Bike resource list
  2. Bike review
  3. Advice from other bikers

The purpose of 5 – 7 is to attract attention to my blog and possibly increase its traffic.

I choose this order so that there is informational content present as well as my affiliate post so when new traffic arrives they have something to read.

In a perfect world, I would post twice a week, which would total 8 posts a month. The order I would post my articles in is:

1. Informative
2. Informative
3. Informative
4. Revenue generating/affiliate
5. Traffic increase
6. Informative
7. Traffic increase
8. Revenue generating/affiliate

Perhaps I would switch it around but my point is to lay a foundation before you bring traffic and attempt to generate revenue. I’m not saying that my method is the most beneficial, but I am sure it’s a lot better than posting randomly. What order do you think would be the best? Let me know what you think in the comments.

Different Types of Articles

There are several types of articles you can write and for different purposes. They range from how to articles, to reviews and resource lists. There are many more but each one has its strengths and you should utilize them in a way where each serves its purpose. One way to do this is to post them in a specific order. I have written an article, which talks about 3 different types of content and how to use them so I won’t go into that matter here.

Just remember, when you are planning to use different types of articles try to look at them from all angles, determine the order that will make your posts most credible, but also look at them in a traffic sense.  Ask yourself whether you should post a resource list, before or after you review an affiliate product. A resource list is a list of other articles that provide additional information; having such a list has the potential of giving you a traffic boost if done correctly.

When and How to Promote Your Articles

Promoting your articles will also determine the amount of traffic and revenue your blog will generate. I feel that the best way to do this is to find a promotion technique that is efficient and that gets each of your post an equal amount of attention.

This promotional method that I will share with you is a marketing strategy in a sense, but what you should do is to promote your articles as they are posted. If you were to schedule five articles ahead of time, you could promote one until the next one was posted. As each article is published, you can focus on that one and simply keep up that rhythm.

Some of the ways I promote my articles are listed in my “How to Make Your Blog Post Go Viral” post. There you can find several platforms I personally use to promote my articles via social media.

Another method I use is that after an article is posted, I Google the keywords that I would like my article to rank for, read all the articles on the first result page, and leave comments that lead back to my article. I think I read somewhere that it helps your article rank better but I’m not sure. All I know is that if someone decides to read your comment and your comment is also good enough, the reader may click on your link and read your post. I think that this works out better for articles that are on the first result page for obvious reasons.

Those are just some of the methods I use to promote my articles and I’m constantly looking for more.

Planning Your Content

If you were to write several great articles ahead of time and post them in a strategic order, I’m pretty confident that you would see far better results. Once you have written several of them, you can dedicate the rest of your time to simply promoting them one by one, as they are posted. You can go as far as accepting guest posts during that time so that way you can focus mostly on promotion without worrying about writing for a while. All this will ensure that your blog does nothing but grow and if you happen to get close to running out of scheduled posts, you can always repeat the process before it happens.

Any Strategy is Better than None

The most important thing is actually having a strategy rather than just writing random articles and posting them in no particular order. You can use this strategy, or one of your own but your blog should evolve in a planned fashion.

If you have other strategies of your own or comments on this one please use the comment form below to share your thoughts.

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