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Hi everyone and welcome to our community member spotlight. This week’s 2nd top weekly user spotlight goes to Peter Hughes from Teenage Toddler.

Teenage Toddler has been put together by Peter Hughes to bring you information from various sources which helps people on their journey being a parent. Teenage Toddler is actually a great site for learning about parenting. If you are a young parent, then you will definitely find this site helpful.

One of the most favorite things about toddlers is playing with shadows in the sun. Toddlers are really creative when it comes to having fun with their own shadows. They can spend hours doing so and you get your much needed rest. Some of the things that they like to do with their shadows is create shadow monsters and shadow puppets.

Teenage Toddler has also recently shared a great article on how to manage Toddler tantrums and how parents can deal with them. The most important thing is to have  a consistent bedtime routine. Being consistent helps your kid. Whatever their bedtime routine maybe like telling a good bedtime story or singing a song, make sure you’re consistent with it. It helps you children to calm down and fall asleep. Another great way is to give positive response so that they have a good behavior. Good behavior always results in a happy kid. They take good behavior very positively. The most important thing is making Good Night fun. You can make them more appealing with kisses and hugs. It helps calm down you children even further. Apart from these, there are 5 more interesting tips which you can use.


Toddlers are also interested in puzzles. Solving puzzles helps in improving their analytical and logical reasoning skills. So, it’s a good idea to introduce toddlers to puzzles. They gain new intelligence, experience and have fun in the process. They also help in developing muscle movements and also hand eye combination.

Another impressive post is on how to choose the perfect party games for toddlers. According to Peter, some great party games for Peter are Pass the Parcel, Musical Chairs, Treasure Hunt etc. Among these treasure hunt is very popular. Kids love the mystery of the journey of finding the treasure. Musical chairs are great fun. People go around the chairs when a certain music is playing and once the music stops when the one who is not able to sit is eliminated.

Toddlers are a handful for most parents. They want to pat very much all the time. So for young parents it can be sometimes intimidating. This is where Teenage Toddler helps in dealing with these exact issues and helps you in becoming a more understanding parent.

So, make sure you connect with Peter Hughes to know more about him and his Teenage Toddler blog. You can add him as a friend here on Blog Engage, follow him on Facebook, follow him on Twitter , also follow him on Pinterest or contact him for any queries.

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