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Hi everyone, and welcome to our weekly user spotlight. This week our top weekly user spotlight goes to Lisa from Inspire To Thrive.

Lisa has been in the newspaper business since she was 13 years old. She started as a typist and from there she went to become a graphic designer and then multimedia salesperson. Lisa’s been in the online business for 3 years now and her favorite social media tool is Twitter.

Lisa’s blog – Inspire To Thrive is one of the best. She regularly publishes quality content. One of the reasons I like her blog so much is because she publishes articles which are hard to find on other blogs. Her articles are unique and informative. Lisa has also taken up a lot of causes to help other people. You should definitely check them out.

Apart from blogging and social media related articles she also publishes a lot of product reviews when it comes to online shopping. You can read her in-depth reviews and decide on whether you want to buy the product or not. She also writes about online shopping deals where you can get discounts when you buy something.

inspire to thrive

She also writes about making money online. Here latest online money making is about how she made $100 from sponsored tweets. She also writes about SEO and stuff. Her latest SEO article is on Page Rank where she explains how the page rank of each website or blog is calculated.

To keep up, she reads some of the best blogs on the Internet. Some of the blogs she regularly reads are Mashable, HubSpot, Basic Blog Tips, Matt Cutts and the Moz Blog which is the best SEO blog on the internet.

If you didn’t know Lisa has also written an ebook which is mostly based on Twitter. Some of the things that Lisa wrote about in her book are

  1. Getting Twitter Followers Naturally-  No need to pay for use tricks
  2. The Basic of Tweeting – What abbreviations mean
  3. How to use Trends and Lists
  4. Don’t Get Caught in Twitter jail
  5. Gaining More Activity on Twitter
  6. When to Automate or not on Twitter
  7. Use Mobile Apps for Twitter
  8. And more tricks and tips!

Lisa also has a blogging resources page where she writes about all the resources that she uses on her blog or for her blog. Some of the resources that she uses are Commentluv – the popular commenting plugin for WordPress, Triberr – the content discovery platform that everyone’s talking about, buffer – which is the best way to share your increase your social reach etc.

Lisa also accepts guest posts on her blog. So, if you’re interested in writing for her, you can do that. Here’s a list of the current contributors on her blog.

So, make sure you connect with Lisa to know more abut her. You can add her as a friend here on Blog Engage, follow her on Twitter, connect with her on LinkedIn, follow her on Stumbleupon, check out her Klout profile, follow her on Pinterest and subscribe to her blog’s RSS feed.

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