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Hi everyone and welcome to our community member spotlight. This week our first top weekly user spotlight goes to Gamehowl.

Gamehowl is a community blog for gamers and geekers. If you’re a hardcore gamer, then Gamehowl is the site for you. Gamehowl focuses on Gaming, Comics, Film and Tech. They mostly focus on games. They always write about latest game releases. You can check out some of their latest gaming articles here.

Apart from games, Gamehowl also focuses on Comics. For example, one of their latest post in on Batman : Arkham Assault Trailer. Assault on Arkham is set within the same universe as the Arkham games. When the Joker somehow steals a dirty bomb and rigs it somewhere in Gotham City, Batman must come to the rescue. They have also recently written a post about X-Men Days of Future Past – Final Trailer. In this, the war between the mutants and the humans intensifies. Wolverine leads the way to unite the past and future X-Men for the common threat that awaits them.

Apart from gaming and comics, Gamehowl also publishes Technology related news. One of their recent post is how FTC directed Facebook to respect the user agreement Whatsapp has with it’s owner. After the $19 billion acquisition, many feared especially Whatsapp users that they were going to collect data in different ways. But with FTC’s intervention, it looks like the customers are happy for now. The FTC Consumer Protection chief has also said if Facebook violates the original user agreement Whatsapp has with it’s users then there will be harsh penalties.


Another interesting article that I found on Gamhowl is why  a small business should use a web video to promote it’s brand. Most of you know, that I couple of months back, promoted Blog Engage via an interactive video which tells people how Blog Engage can be useful for bloggers. Videos are more interactive and they appeal to a greater mass. They focus on how video e-mail marketing can be very useful to bring in new customers. Videos are also useful when you embed them on the website like I did with my new sales page. Apart from the official Blog Engage video, I also embedded two review videos of Blog Engage of my two customers. When you are looking for new customers, you also need to bring forward you current customers because they provide valuable feedback.

Another tech related news on Gamehowl is on how Facebook acquired Oculus Rift for $2 billion. Oculus Rift is actually a gaming company which Facebook intends to improve. One of the most important technology that Facebook wants to develop with the Oculus Rift is virtual reality. With virtual reality in gaming, Facebook want to extend it to more practical and daily uses. With virtual reality, contacting other people on the other side of the world would be a very different experience altogether.

So, make sure you connect with Gamehowl to know more about them. You can add them as a friend here on Blog Engage, follow them on Twitter and also follow them on Facebook.

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