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Hi everyone, and welcome to our community member spotlight. Today, I’m going to introduce to the community Uptourist.

Uptourist is only a couple of weeks old. It was founded on November 1st, 2014. The founders are basically tourists. They love to travel and love to share their experiences. They like to go for sight seeing, visit places of  interest etc. They often used to look for deals and itenaries. That’s when an idea struck them – why not create a blog that will have all the information. The content on Uptourist comprises of travel inspiration, travel guide and itenaries and deals and reviews.

Uptourist has a lot of informative and educational articles. One of their latest article is on Tokyo, the capital city of Japan. The author describes Tokyo as a very eclectic and happening city. Many who visit Tokyo for the first time gets a huge cultural shock. They also point out 3 hotspots one must visit in Tokyo. They are Shibuya Crossing, Yoyogi Park and Cat Cafe. Each of them are attractive and fun places in their own way.

Another useful post is 10 packing tips for overseas travel. Picking the right things while going on travel is important. You also need to be prepared for emergencies. Some of the most important tips are carrying a worldwide voltage adapter, especially of the place you are travelling to, weighing your luggage before hand which will help you avoid those extra fees at the airport. For utilizing space more efficiently, it is always advisable to roll your clothes and not fold them and secure them with rubber band.


Another important news is that the US State Department has now declared Mexico safe for travel. However, a lot of warnings have been issued. Some of them are not flashing your wealth and also rent a trashy looking car as well.

Anothet great post is on Sydney Harbour, Sydney, Australia. Some of the most attractive places to see there are the Opera house and the Sydney Bridge. The bridge is a real delight, open to anyone over 10 years of age, in good health and not afraid of heights. On a clear day, you can see the whole harbor all the way upto the blue mountains. The most popular climb is the Express Climb with fewer stops. It takes about 2 hours and 15 minutes to get to the top and it’s an awesome view from there. The Opera House is one of the hotspots in whole of Australia. Musicals and operas cost as low as $50 at the Opera House. Another great attraction is taking the ferry to Taronga Zoo. You can find all sorts of animals including the ones indigenous to Australia.

So, make sure you connect with Uptourist to get great travelling tips and also get to know great travelling destinations. You can add Uptourist as a friend here on Blog Engage, follow them on Facebook, follow them on Twitter, add them to circles on Google Plus and also subscribe to their RSS Feed.

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