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Hi everyone and welcome to our community member spotlight. Today I’m going to introduce to the community Appleitis.

Appleitis is a tech blog which mostly focuses on Google’s Android and Apple. It shares the latest news and updates on technology. It’s founder Rob Boirun is a successful entrepreneur. He has created numerous info sites and also works with starups. He is also the founder and CEO of PopNetMedia LLC.

One of Appleitis’s latest post is on the beta releases of IOS 8.1.1 and Yosemite 10.1.1. Both the versions have been released by Apple for testing purposes. They address the bugs that have been found in the earlier version. They also help in making improvements for a better user experience.

Another interesting story on Appleitis is that Russia may block all Apple services including iCloud. Russia recently passed a law that all the tech companies will have to store their data locally. All companies including Microsoft, Google, Facebook are looking to establish data centers in the country. Only time will tell whether Russia will also ban Apple hardware sales. Another interesting article on Appleitis is about the highly speculative Apple watch. According to Appleitis, the first edition of Apple gold watch will cost about $5000 and the stainless steel one will cost around $500.


Appleitis is mostly focused on Apple related news. Another important article is on the vulnerabilities of OS Yosemite. The vulnerability can be classified as critical because it’s directly related to the security features. Rootpipe allows an attacker to bypass the security credentials and provides root access. It also allows the user to run sudo commands which are used to make administrative changes in the system. The OS X 10.1.1 is a bit release for Apple which contains a lot of new features. Apple is currently working on a fix for the issue. A fix is expected to be out by January 2015.

Other than Appleitis, Rob also owns two more popular tech blogs – Androiditis and Windows Update. Androiditis is a tech blog which mostly focuses on Google’s Android. Here, Rob has written about the new Android Lollilop. The Lollilop is going to have a major redesign. Google’s Material Design is going to comee into pay. The GUI is supposed to become more fluid and smooth. LG G3 will be the first smartphone to get the Lollilop other than the Nexus Models. Another important news from the Android world is that Microsoft Office apps are now free on Android. The step marks a big change in the business strategy of Microsoft. The main revenue will however come from traditional PC users. It’s clear that competition has compelled Microsoft to take such a step. It also shows that Microsoft wants to keep itself a contender in the Mobile platform.

So make sure you connect with Appleitis to know more about Apple’s latest news and updates. You can add Appleitis as a friend here on Blog Engage, follow them on Facebook, follow them on Twitter and also subscribe to their RSS feed.

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