I’ve been online marketing and working with bloggers for over 10 years. During this time I’ve seen many common mistakes bloggers make when setting up their blogs and creating new content for their readers. Even the best of bloggers make mistakes and my hope in this post is to help you not make the mistakes these bloggers did.

    Creating Easy Connections

Sometimes we forget how important the basics are when it comes to social media marketing and blogging. We have to take advantage of every little social media element we can to get the most out of our marketing efforts. One of these instances is ensuring we allow our readers to easily connect and follow our social media accounts.

Create sidebar sections for your Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. I’ve seen some of the largest most popular bloggers forget this and it makes me think… how did they get so successful??? If you want people to follow you please at least make it convenient for them.

    Include Your Twitter Handle

When users Tweet your post they are sharing to their entire audience. Why wouldn’t you add your Twitter handle into the pre made tweet to increase your own Twitter exposure.

In my case if a user doesn’t include their handle in the tweet I close the window and don’t even share the post. Why you ask? Because without the handle you don’t even have a clue I’m actually sharing this post for you… so why should I share it?

    Engage Your Audience

If your visitors take the time to share your content, please take the time to thank them and try to engage in conversation. Creating fruitful relationships online is very important and social media is the best ways to make it happen. If you use automation tools this engagement process is a good way to keep your account looking real and legitimate.

So perhaps next time before you work so hard on your content you can make sure your social sharing aspect is also up to par and ready for engagement. Don’t miss out on building these relationships with your readers, connect with them and create a lifetime of happy returning visitors.

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