StudioPress Theme of the Month

The Centric Pro Theme is one of the best WordPress themes created by StudioPress Themes. All Studiopress themes runs on the famous Genesis Framework and the Centric Pro Theme is no exception. With a completely mobile responsive display, it opens very smoothly on mobile devices.

Centric Pro Features

Centric Pro Theme is meant to draw your attention at first glance. It is meant to make your visitors focus only on your site. The Homepage is very impressive. It has loads of features that you can add.  You have the option of adding rich user friendly features which makes your site more engaging. You also have arrows that points below which on clicking takes you down the page section wise.

What I like about the homepage, is that you have the option of adding different customized contents with rich images. If you’re running a small business, then you can highlight the services your company provides.

The Centric Pro theme comes in 7 different colors – Blue, Charcoal, Green, Orange, Purple, Red and Yellow. You can change and try different colors to see which fits your site the best.

centric pro

In terms of layouts, Centric Pro provides you with 3 main layouts – content / sidebar, sidebar / content and full width layout. The theme also supports 4 main types of templates – Landing, Blog, Archives and Columns.

The landing template is especially helpful for getting leads. If you have your own product or into affiliate marketing, then landing pages can be very useful. They provide a distraction free page for your readers. Since, the Centric Pro theme has a custom homepage, so it is also desirable that you keep a blog page to show your content in blog style format. The archives template is a great way to show all the links to your content in a single page. The columns pages are usually useful for testimonials. You can highlight your client feedback in a nice compact manner.

The Centric Pro Theme comes with HTML5 markup which makes the theme completely mobile responsive. It also supports custom background and custom header. The theme also comes with attractive looking footer widgets.

Genesis Framework and Pricing

The Centric Pro theme will not work without the Genesis Framework. So, make sure you have the framework installed before actually installing the theme. The theme and the framework together costs $99.95.

So, make sure you check out the StudioPress Centric Pro Theme because it’s really good and I highly recommend it.

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