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Video blogging and translation – where to start

Video content is growing exponentially, with predictions that by 2019, it will make up 80% of consumer internet traffic across the world. There is no doubt that video has an impact on sales. Some statistics report that a company that uses video in its marketing efforts is 53 times more likely to be found on […]

About Louise Taylor

Louise Taylor manages content for Tomedes, a translation company. She has worked in the language and translation industry for many years and is fluent in multiple languages.

9 Tips to Increase Your YouTube Ranking in 2018

If you were to separate YouTube and Google, you would actually find that YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world. It is by far the largest video search engine, which boasts of at least 1 billion searches a day. This presents huge opportunity for businesses to attract leads and sales from the […]

About Nathan Elly

Nathan Elly is the branch manager at Digital Next, a full-service digital agency based in South Melbourne specializing in responsive Web design, SEO, PPC and social media marketing. He is a passionate digital marketer specialising in business development and long-term strategy, with experience from a multitude of SEO disciplines combined into a role which supports and progresses online businesses.

The Benefits of Having Video Content on Your Website

Remember when Flash was the big new thing on webpages? And we’re not just talking about Flash as it is most often used today, sometimes in ways that are so low key that you barely notice them, but flashy Flash. Suddenly, previously static webpages had balls bouncing across the screen and main titles zooming in. They were […]


Pat Walton is a respected and award winning freelance writer with over two decades of experience writing for the technology industry. When Pat isn’t reviewing internet video production companies who are great resources for web designers like, he’s busy training for his cross Atlantic solo sailing trip.

4 Videos Made With Bloggie Camera

Wait a second! The Bloggie hasn’t even been released yet. How did some lucky film maker get their hands on one? To promote their hot new product, Sony has teamed up with a few of the most popular YouTube video bloggers and allowed them to show off a little bit with the Bloggie. Let’s take […]


I'm a lover of travel, design and "teh internets". You can find me blogging on all of the above, everywhere and anywhere. Follow me on Twitter- JtotheWilliams