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Google+ : A Social Networking Site or Future Business Opportunity

Before I get into the article, I would like to say that, everything that I will be mentioning here are my personal views and opinions. It is important to mention this because currently, there’s a huge transition from Facebook to Google+ in the social media world. While doing some research for this post, I observed […]

About Lahaul Seth

A programmer and a web developer - he runs multiple blogs. He loves writing articles on blogging tips, social media, seo, internet marketing and make money blogging. He is the owner of Lion Blogger.Be sure to add him as a friend, sethlahaul

The 10 Commandments Of SEO

No matter what your religious beliefs, there’s one thing for sure – the god of the internet exists and he resides at Mountain View, California. So, if our google god was to cast his ten commandments in stone and send them down from the mountain, what would they be? #1 Thou Shalt Not Buy Or […]

About David McSweeney

David McSweeney is a full time web developer, programmer, blogger and SEO expert from Glasgow, Scotland. Visit David's blog Top 5 SEO for loads more SEO tips and internet marketing advice and follow him on twitter @top5seo.

How Bloggers Can Leverage A Little-Known Google+ Feature

The world of blogging is separated among the lucky few salaried or outright paid writers, and the vast majority of bloggers who are constantly scraping to find the next gig to help pay the rent. If you’re not in the elite former category, you know what a drag it is to provide relevant links to […]

About Hal Licino

I'm an award-winning freelance writer, the author of several books, and an email marketing expert for Benchmark Email, a leading, global email marketing service.

How to effectively use Google to find guest posting opportunities

Guest posting is no way one of the cheapest and most effective means to reach a larger audience and attract attention to your resource. Almost any small or mid-sized blog accepts guest posts, all you need to do is to offer great content related its topics. Unfortunately, there is no universal base of resources for […]

About Elena Vakhromova

Elena Vakhromova is a guest blogger and marketing manager at Freemake, a famous developer of free software for audio/video conversion and YouTube video download.

Add Authorship Seal in Your Links Without Markup

Are you one of those bloggers who cannot put HTML 5 authorship markups in their “About Me” citation because of HTML sanitizers? Since June 2011, Google bots have been reading rel=author and rel=me markups inside the link tag to improve the relevancy of search results. Since these markups are new, the HTML sanitizers of most […]

About Bradley Zarich

Bradley Zarich blogs for NewSat, an Australian ISP and satellite broadband provider. As the manager of eServe BPO’s web services accounts, he keeps the online community updated with the latest developments in wireless communications, Internet technology, web marketing and mobile backhaul technology.

What site owners need to know about Google’s Plus One button

The Google +1 button could potentially turn SEO on its head, it isn’t just another button to be put on your website along with Facebook, Twitter, Linked and others: it’s going to be essential. Google’s +1 of course is very much like the Facebook like button but the big difference is that you get to […]

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Providing SEO optimization and web marketing services in Tampa FL