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5 Smart Ways to Work Less and Earn More Time

Have you already heard about the expression “work smarter, not harder“? What does it mean exactly? When your email box is crammed, there’s a giant stack of documents on your desk and the phone keeps ringing, how do you suppose you’re able to get everything done smarter? The truth is that many of the methods […]

Why Your Not Making Money Online! How To Change It

Your web venture may already have enough potential to generate a reasonable income on its own, but it doesn’t have to stop there. There are plenty of income generation schemes on the internet which you may be able to explore independently or as an add-on to your existing website. Let’s look at the varied opportunities […]


My name is Brian and I’m a Graduate of Business Administration Marketing. I work full time in Sales and Marketing. I am also the owner of Blog Engage a social network I created specifically for bloggers. Come and join us on Blog Engage

3 Management Hacks to Prevent Employee Burnout

Every manager knows the constant struggle of keeping employees happy, motivated, and productive. Furthermore, they also know how hard it is to jumpstart a burnt out employee. Staff suffering from burnout are far less creative, driven, or productive, because they’re dealing with a frustrating and long-term emotional ailment. Thankfully, burnt out employees don’t have to […]


Carrie is an avid writer, who spends her spare time biking and hiking the Appalachian Mountain trails near her home.

How Shale Oil Turned North Dakota Into an Economic Powerhouse

What comes to mind when you think of North Dakota? For most Americans, the answer is probably nothing exciting. That’s no surprise. Until 2006, the state’s economy was sustained primarily by agriculture, and most of its landscape was either barren or occupied by cattle. But that all changed when the shale oil boom turned the […]


Carrie is an avid writer, who spends her spare time biking and hiking the Appalachian Mountain trails near her home.

Guide to Creating a Successful and Effective Ebook for Online Marketing

Content is the fuel that propels your digital marketing supercar. Whether you are marketing for a B2B company or a B2C business, you cannot afford to ignore online marketing. So, you take time to write killer product descriptions, craft awesome guest blogs and design interesting infographics. However, when it comes to creating powerful landing pages […]

About Kinjal Adeshara

Kinjal Adeshara has been helping ecommerce website owners improve efficiency of their websites and boost sales since last 5 years. Currently, she is working with Cygnet Infotech, an ISO Certified, CMMI level 3 company providing end-to-end ecommerce services to business worldwide. Kinjal loves to share her ideas and insights regarding ecommerce through blogging. You can Kinjal on Twitter @adeshara_kinjal

Google+ : A Social Networking Site or Future Business Opportunity

Before I get into the article, I would like to say that, everything that I will be mentioning here are my personal views and opinions. It is important to mention this because currently, there’s a huge transition from Facebook to Google+ in the social media world. While doing some research for this post, I observed […]

About Lahaul Seth

A programmer and a web developer - he runs multiple blogs. He loves writing articles on blogging tips, social media, seo, internet marketing and make money blogging. He is the owner of Lion Blogger.Be sure to add him as a friend, sethlahaul

Websites for Small Businesses: The Impossible Dream?

I have a soft spot for the small business owner. I’m not talking about the technical definition of small business with under 50 employees and $5 million in revenue. I’m talking about those with fewer than three employees, working day and night to get the business off the ground. I started my agency with the […]

About Chad Hill

Chad Hill is the CEO of HubShout, a U.S.-based full service online marketing firm and SEO reseller and website reseller program. Services include SEO, PPC, Websites, Social Media Marketing, Email Marketing, and Customer Reviews. Previously, Chad served as Business Development Director at America Online and worked in product management at FOLIOfn Investments, Intuit and the financial services group at American Management Systems. Chad holds a BA with honors from the University of Florida and an MBA with honors from Georgetown University.

4 Time Management Techniques to Be More Productive

Everyone can optimize the time available and reduce the feelings of anxiety associated with the elapsed time. For many of you, it happens very often to have the feeling that time is never enough, and the activities to be performed are always too many compared to the time available. This thought causes anxiety and anxiety […]