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No, I’m not a vegetarian, but everyday I generally eat the same salad: a combination of fresh spinach, grilled chicken, a little cheese and onions and my favorite blush wine vinaigrette (go ahead, you can steal my recipe). Sometimes when I’m feeling bold, I’ll even add some mandarin oranges or fresh strawberries to the mix.

It doesn’t matter that I ate one or even two salads the day before – it’s the most delicious salad anyone could eat and it’s healthy.

But this post is obviously not about the health benefits of eating salads everyday – what I’m getting at is the idea that despite the fact that I already know what the salad tastes like – it’s not new to me, yet everyday it has a renewed freshness.

Aside from the occasional times I change up the combination of ingredients the salad remains the same, yet I am still compelled to return to it every single day.

What is it about this salad that is so irresistible? And how can you apply this to your blogging?

The secret that keeps me coming back to this salad, is not some magical ingredient – what keeps me coming back is the enjoyable experience of eating this salad. Not only does it nourish my body, it’s a pleasure to eat. Everyday it zaps my taste buds to life and creates a feeling of well-being.

Can your blog do that?

If you want your blog to pass the salad test, here’s what you can do:

Don’t worry about finding totally new and unheard of ingredients – focus on rearranging various combinations of the classic ingredients in a fresh way. Some days I leave out the chicken, but then add fresh bacon bits. The spinach still remains the same, but it’s enjoyable because I’ve made a small tweak.

Create an enjoyable environment that your readers feel compelled to experience everyday. Your goal should be to create content that leaves readers feeling better than they did before they arrived – it should nourish their minds and have lasting value. Sprinkle it with bite-sized bits of knowledge that they can apply.

Throw in something bold every now and then – don’t over do it, but every now then, don’t be afraid to shake up the salad bowl. Sometimes I skip the oranges and add strawberries – my taste buds never know what to expect.

Use humor to catch people off guard with a laugh. When I wrote, 7 Signs You’re a Hacker & 5 Ways it Can Help your Blog I wanted to create a post that not only made people laugh, but that also imparted some knowledge and made them think in an unexpected way.

Use vivid language that makes your post pop right off the page – you know your mouth started watering at the beginning of this post. I wouldn’t be surprised if a trip to the grocery store is now on your to-do list. πŸ˜€ That was only accomplished by using specific and vivid words that people could imagine that they were seeing, feeling, smelling, hearing, and tasting.

You’ve got to be willing to create an experience that people will be compelled to return to your blog everyday. You want them to crave that unique experience – one that they can only get at your blog.

These tips I’ve mentioned are just a few ways you can create a refreshing and positive experience. What other lessons can we learn from my favorite salad?

About Kiesha Easley

Kiesha blogs at, a blog that offers blogging tips and tricks. She is a writer, writing instructor, and blog consultant. Connect with her on Twitter @weblogbetter.

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