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The Blog Engage $500 USD Guest Blogging Contest #1
Blog Engage $500 USD Guest Blogging Qualifying Article

Blogging is Killing yourself. Weird, right? You may be wondering I have gone nuts. If you are wondering so, you might have been in this world of blog-o-sphere for a while. Just roll back a bit. To the timeline of your career, to the point of life, when you was just an amateur who was startled in the competitive arena of blogs! Ever since that, you evolved, you changed and you did some sacrifices to earn the heights in your blogging career. I guess, now you agree to me that blogging was indeed killing you. Still not convinced, then read on ;-).

Were you a Nerd?

Weren’t you a nerd, once? In one point of life, you liked solitude.  I bet, you still like to be alone at times. You were a sort of introvert who loved to run away from the social life. You find it hard to mingle with everyone in the society. If you were a nerd, am pretty sure that you are not ‘The Nerd’ anymore. To reach this respectable height in the world of tons of blogs, you had to interact with many fellow bloggers. You had to interact with your commenters to keep your blog alive. You had to do a heck lot of social networking to market your blog.

You hated studying!!!!

Remember the days when you had a lot to study and ended up in studying nothing. Ya, once you hated reading. You hated study. But, what are you doing now? You are reading many blog posts. Being passionate towards blogging, you have been learning a lot. You hate study and still you are into blogging which is a learning experience.

MATH, Yuck!!

During your days as a student, you hated mathematics? Isn’t right? If yes, do you realize that by blogging you are indeed working out your math skills? Yup, I am just driving to the fact that Blogging is Mathematics. Marketing a blog means you are working out strategies to get more traffic by which you are trying to get more profit. Hence, I think now you have begun to love math knowingly or unknowingly.

You hated ART!!!

So, you were a philistine, one who disliked art. You were lazy to design out things. But being a blogger, you are now forced to redesign things to give out simple and neat looks to your site.  And am sure you are doing this job wonderfully. (Have you seen the new look of BlogEngage? Ya guys, what you are just now seeing with your eyes is the  new look 😉 . It’s simply awesome. A special Kudos to Brian)


At least for me the afore-mentioned points were true. I was a nerd. I didn’t want to believe everything can be mathematically formulated and solved. I believed it was pointless to waste your time to create art forms. Yes, through blogging I changed. A change to that extreme that, I am now almost opposite in behavior compared to me when I started blogging. In that sense, Blogging was Killing myself. The title of the post should have been “BLOGGING WAS KILLING MYSELF” instead of “BLOGGING IS KILLING YOURSELF”. But after all it was some trick to draw your valuable attention to this post. I hope you guys will forgive me for the same. To just let me know that you forgive me, please like this post on facebook 😉 .

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About Anoop Jacob

Anoop Jacob, known as Jakes in world wide web, is a Coder, Birder and Open Source Enthusiast from India. He is currently pursuing his post graduation in 'Wireless Networks & Applications'. He believes that someday magic will turn him to a successful blogger, but it would take some time. More @ here

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