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I’m starting a random Blog Engage User Tip activity where every time I come up with a tip that can benefit our users I will write about it here on the blog. I will also add a link to each tip on our FAQ Page.

I’m very happy to announce we have launched an Awards system for our Blog Engage members. When you participate within our community your activity gets added up. This can be in the form of comments, karma, submissions, published articles and so much more. We now have a system in place that rewards our members with specific trophies for their participation.

Every award you receive from our system is displayed on the bottom your profile page. I’m still waiting on our template developer to fix it so it’s compatible with our template but it will be soon. Let’s take a moment and discuss each awards and how to get them.

Power User

To become a power user you must demonstrate community participation in all area’s of our website. This is done from commenting, voting, submitting and publishing. When you engage on the website using all the above methods you will come closer to the Power User award. This is by far the hardest award to achieve.

Power Voter

When you vote on articles at Blog Engage you are giving points. These points are calculated and when you reach the minimum amount for votes you will be award the Power Voter award.

Sixth Sense

When your vote makes an article become published this is what we call the sixth Sense. It’s as if you just knew that article was destined to be published and your vote did just that. So when your vote is the last vote needed for an article to be published your Sixth Sense score continues to rise. As the numbers add up and you reach the minimum number of points you will be given the Sixth Sense award.

Power Submitter

We award our users for submitting articles to our website. When your reach a specific number of submitted articles you will be awarded the power Submitter award. This doesn’t have to be only your blog articles. You can submit any blog article you wish to the community.

Power Publisher

When your a popular blogger and your content continues to be published you will be awarded for this. Once you reach a specific amount of published articles you will be given the Power Publisher award. this is a very difficult award to achieve but don’t give up.

Comment Master

As you comment on articles here at Blog Engage we give you points. As these points add up you get closer to the minimum requirement for the Power Commenter award. Engage with bloggers, leave some comments and eventually you will be awarded the Power Commenter award.

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My name is Brian and I’m a Graduate of Business Administration Marketing. I work full time in Sales and Marketing. I am also the owner of Blog Engage a social network I created specifically for bloggers.

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