Loss of attention, the inability to concentrate on the work that needs to be done right now, drowsiness, endless chats, and instant messengers prevent you from doing your job well. We offer some easy ways that include sleep, walks and ‘do my assignment’ service such as AssignCode to get excellence in every technical assignment.

More Sunshine

Of course, not everyone will be able to secure such conditions for themselves, but many studies show that people working in the office work more efficiently if they are more likely to be in the sun. In addition, according to studies, office workers sitting by the window are less likely to suffer from headaches, less prone to seasonal effective disorders, and less likely to miss work.

This effect is most likely provided by a number of factors. Staying in the natural light cycles regularly helps to properly set up our internal clocks, improving the quality of night sleep and the cheerfulness of the day. A long stay in the rays of artificial light (both light from the ceiling and from a computer screen) over time leads to high fatigue of vision.

Find ‘Do My Assignment Online’ Service

To become efficient and don’t experience anxiety at college, the best option is to find a paid homework helper. Such help for money as AssignGode.com can ease the process of studying and make you even more efficient. To find such solver, you need to type ‘help me with my assignment’ and pay for a high-quality work.

Find Time for a Walk

One way to spend your break time most productively is to go for a walk. First of all, because simple physical exercises increase creativity. Several different studies have shown that short walks and other simple physical exercises help you more efficiently cope with tasks and find non-trivial solutions. Well, if there is an opportunity to walk in green areas. Nature improves mood better than a walk along busy city streets.

Refuse to Multitask

We are used to doing many tasks such as accounting assignment and writing an essay at the same time. Moreover, most of the modern programs and devices that we use assume constant inclusion in several processes. Many are familiar with pop-up notifications or a sound informing you that a new letter has arrived.

Obviously, in such an environment, an important problem arises that scientists have repeatedly identified: performing several tasks at the same time, we work very slowly and make more mistakes. The result is a vicious circle: people working in multitasking often get distracted by external incentives. According to scientists, due to the characteristics of the data processing process, our brain cannot perform several tasks such as solve math answers, and write someone online at the same time, as a result of which multitasking slows down, and does not increase work efficiency. That is why it is better to order a paper from AssignCode.

Find Time for a Nap

Unfortunately, modern views, as well as modern offices, do not allow us to lie down in the middle of the day. However, after a little afternoon nap, we can really get more efficient.


Studies have shown that people who find time for daytime sleep are more productive than those who do not sleep during the day: they better perform tasks related to prolonged work at the computer and speed of reaction. Nurses and emergency doctors who sleep before the shift are more attentive and better able to cope with routine duties, such as putting a dropper. This also applies to drivers: if they rest before the night shift, they are less likely to get into an accident.


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