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Being a top influencer in your blogging community can be the difference between failing or becoming an online success story. Engaging with other bloggers is a must if you plan on making a long term impact online. Creating traffic to your blog can be difficult but if you take time to engage with users on the Blog Engage platform you will see it gets easier.

Engaging with users takes work but ask yourself, what doesn’t take work in life? If you want something you have to work hard for it! Nothing comes easy and the same goes for blogging. When visiting the Blog Engage website and submitting your links it’s always recommended to visit and vote for other bloggers.

As many Blog Engage members know it’s hard to get votes for your stories and even more so it’s hard to get published. In order to help improve your chances you need to help others. I have two key elements needed in order to accomplish this and help improve your blog traffic from the Blog Engage community. Remember as you know, treat others as you like to be treated, if you want votes, take the time and vote for others. It’s as simple as visiting a few pages and looking for some posts that interest you.


Story Voting

When voting for a story it’s opening the door for the other bloggers within the community to meet you. Users are always looking at who’s voting for them, it’s how they build new online relationships. When you vote for a bloggers story the blogger will notice; your picture becomes highlighted in the Who Voted section of the story page. Like any company, blogger, etc… the key element to becoming a success is being seen, voting for other bloggers allows you to do just that.

The community has a few area’s for you to find great stories that are needing your votes. Blog Engage separates new posts by Day, Week, Month etc… As key influencers of Blog Engage you would want to visit these area’s and vote on posts needing your help to reach the front page. The bloggers owning these articles are going to appreciate your votes and will most likely return the vote to you, but keep in mind, a return vote is not the goal, becoming a key influencer is your end goal. If you want to be seen as someone who cares about others then it’s time to start acting like it by voting for bloggers.

Poor Ratios

votesA good way to see if you’re pulling your weight and getting the most out of our community is your Submitted v.s Voted ratio. This ratio should be extremely high which will easily demonstrate you are a community member ready to engage. You should have 4 times the amount of votes for others as submitted articles to Blog Engage. This means if you submitted 25 posts you should had voted for at minimum of 100 others.

Go have a peak at your profile now, whats your ratio? A ratio you don’t want is something like the one shown in the image here. This user has submitted 21 posts to Blog Engage and has only voted on 26. When a user submits a blog post to Blog Engage it counts as a vote, it’s obvious this user hasn’t taken much time to help others or engage as they have only voted on 5 posts that weren’t their own.

Story Commenting

After you’re done voting take the time to make a comment. If you can’t, that’s fine at least you took the time to vote! This method of story commenting is extremely successful. This will get you more comments overtime on all your story submissions as well as overall blog traffic. The key to this strategy is to make a comment on the Blog Engage story page the user submitted as well as a comment on their blog. This method will get you seen and will help build key relationships here on Blog Engage.

The comment on Blog Engage doesn’t have to be big or elaborate! I like to think of it as a way to help the blogger receive more traffic. When other users see a comment in the sidebar they also visit the post. This also allows the blogger to easily click your name and engage with your submissions.


As you can tell Blog Engage is a community to engage with one another! It’s a great way to develop natural backlinks from real community activities! The next time you login and submit a story make it a point to visit some of the other submissions. If you’re looking for the links to visit the Day, Week, Month etc… I have shared where to find them in the image below and above.


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My name is Brian and I’m a Graduate of Business Administration Marketing. I work full time in Sales and Marketing. I’m a young and upcoming webmaster. I am also the owner of Blog Engage a social network I created specifically for bloggers.

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