AgentPress Theme by Studiopress is one of the best premium themes that you can find for your WordPress blog. Powered by the famous Genesis Framework and a theme which loads extremely fast and SEO optimized, it is one of the best.

The AgentPress Theme is best suited for those who has some kind of business. We all know that for any business, a good first impression is always critical. The Agency Theme will not disappoint you in this case. So, without wasting any more time, let’s take a look at some of the features of this awesome theme.

Layouts and Colors

Layouts and Colors are the very core of a template and the AgentPress Theme delivers with a bang. The theme currently has 6 awesome layouts and 4 different colors.

The content/sidebar layout is the most common layout of all with the agency theme. Seen on millions of websites / blog, if you’re looking for a great looking traditional display, then this is the one to use. The sidebar/content layout will do the job nicely if you’re looking for something different.

You can use the content / sidebar / sidebar when you want to display a whole lot of other things in your sidebars. With two sidebars, this layout can come in pretty handy when you have too many ads or sponsors to display.


The sidebar / sidebar / content is similar to the one above, the only difference is that your content will be shown on the left side of the page. The sidebar / content / sidebar is another popular layout used by many. Content stays in the middle and you can display your ads and sponsors on both the left and right sidebars.

The full width content layout doesn’t have any sidebars. Ideal for creating landing pages, this layout can come in pretty handy whether you’re looking to make any sale or trying to build your e-mail subscribers. A good looking landing page with a full width content can make your business. This theme also has an inbuilt landing page feature which I will be discussing in the next section.

The AgentPress Theme also comes with 4 different colors – Blue, Green, Orange and Red.


The Agency Theme comes with different types of page templates which are inbuilt in the theme itself. Currently, it has 4 different types of templates.

The Archive page will display all your posts, authors, pages etc. which is a great way for visitors to find their way on your site. The blog page will display your recently published articles.
With the Column page, you can create multiple columns in a single page promoting your products and services. There is also an inbuilt landing page that you can use when you’re creating a page. Ideal for selling or promoting services and building e-mail list.

WooCommerce Integration

This is the best feature that the AgentPress Theme has. If you want to integrate E-commerce on your site then there is already a feature inbuilt in the theme. Ideal for selling products , this can come in handy if you want to directly sell product from the site.

Responsive Design and Features

The AgentPress Theme also has a Mobile Responsive Design which means it will open just as easy in any Mobile or Smartphones which have become hugely popular these days. Some of the other features of Agency Theme includes Custom Header, Custom Menus, Featured Images and Threaded Comments which makes this theme simply outstanding.


If you’re looking to buy the theme along with the Genesis Framework, then it will cost you $79.95. If you’re looking to buy only the theme then it will cost you a very low price of $20. So, what are you waiting for ? Get yourself an Agency Theme right now.


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