Blogosphere is crowded with millions of blogs and websites, the competition is huge. It’s quite difficult to survive in this field without having the proper blueprint or content marketing plan. According to a recent survey, over 90% new online businesses/blogs fail. This just shows the depth of the online business.

To survive in this field, we need good resources and strategies. As you know Content Marketing is the latest trend, and all the bloggers and marketers are trying to use it effectively. But the problem is not all bloggers know how to create quality contents, even if they do, they don’t do it consistently.

Content Marketing is the strategy that involves in creating quality content that helps to build audience and customers. In Blogging, we consistently need to produce quality content that helps visitors. Okay, so what exactly is quality content? Quality content is a post or an article that contains Original in-depth information and adds value or credibility to the audience. Basically, quality content is the blog article that gets lots of attention.

There is a valid reason why blogs like QuickSprout and SmartPassiveIncome are so popular; over the years these blogs constantly helped new marketers and bloggers. They produce evergreen quality contents which gets huge attention. The difference between them and many others is, they deliver it on a consistent basis.

So, how to create quality content on a consistent basis? Read on.

Do Research Every Time

No matter how much you know, it’s necessary to do research before sharing anything on your blog. Ask any pro blogger, they do quite a lot of research; even if they want to write about a simple WordPress plugin, they use and test it before publishing.

Doing research also helps you to provide in-depth information that readers always like. Also, recently Google is giving more preference to lengthy articles; the blog articles which contain full information will appear in the In-depth block on Google. However, just filling pages with words without providing helpful information won’t help, Google has algorithms like Hummingbird to detect it. So try to do as much research as possible before writing.

Concentrate on writing Actionable Content

Okay, so what is actionable content? Have you read Jon Morrow’s Blog? If not yet, read it now. And see how inspiring and actionable tips he provides. His actionable tips starts from the post headline itself; no matter how good your post is, it’s necessary to have an eye-catching blog post headline. Otherwise no one will click it to read the whole post; on average, 8 out of 10 people will read post headline, but only 2 out of 10 will read the rest. So it’s essential to have a killer headline.

Concentrate on providing evergreen articles that is valuable for readers. If you can’t write evergreen articles, you can easily write quote posts like; business quotes, inspirational quotes; these types of articles usually inspire people to take action. The Top bloggers knows this secret, they inspire people to take action. Actionable articles are kind of “Do it Now” Types. For example; many started blogging after reading Pat Flynn’s blog. Write that type of content that inspires people.

Write Original Content

There was a time when all the copied contents used to rank on Google’s front page. Not anymore, Google has created enough algorithms to punish those sites. So how to create original content when everything is already said and written? Well, there are so many ways to generate original quality contents without much effort. You can find some brainstorming and blog post ideas generating online tools like TweakYourBiz and ContentForest.

Best way to find new ideas for producing new content is by exploring more; read other blogs and books on a daily basis, you’ll get lots of ideas and inspiration. As a blogger it’s utterly necessary to read as much as possible.

  • Read daily: make reading as a habit
  • Subscribe to the rss feed’s of top blogs
  • Use apps like Feedly to read
  • Use Google Alerts effectively to get new topics and ideas

If you can’t write much quality contents that often, reduce your posts; just write one or two articles per week. Concentrate on providing valuable quality contents, rather than quantity.

Uniqueness is necessary in blogging; so try to experiment with your creativity and write with confidence; there is no need to get into the influence of top bloggers, build your own writing style. Share your perspective and point of view, instead of copying others.

Write List-based posts

If you notice, majority of the popular posts on web is list-based post; list-based posts work very well. As you know online readers have very short attention span, your posts should be distraction free. List based posts are easy to skim or read. List-based posts have many advantages like;

  • Easy to create within short time
  • Easy to read
  • Distraction free; easy to skim
  • Has more chance of getting popular

Create Contents that Provides Credibility

And again, if you look at the Top blogs like QuickSprout and SmartPassiveIncome, you’ll notice one thing; they give back more than they take from audience. Neil shares thousands of dollars worth information and contents for free. Same with Pat. That’s called providing credibility. It’ll build trust among audience, and the audience will share and like your post every time. The crowd engagement is necessary; you should write articles that attract more comments.

If you’re new to blogging, you primary goal should not be the money, it should be about adding credibility to the audience or community.

Always Stay Updated

As a blogger, our main challenge is to stay updated on the latest happenings in our niche. In this crowded field it’s necessary to  keep up to dates on several things. Even if we stay away from web for a couple of days, we’ll miss lot of things. And specially for Tech bloggers, it’s very important to stay updated as they had to learn new things to write on their blog.

There is only one way to stay updated on the latest happenings; read and read more on a daily basis. I dedicate at least one hour daily to read other blogs. Many make mistake here, they don’t research or read very often and fail to stay updated. There are several ways to stay updated;

  • Follow top blogs in your niche
  • Use Twitter and follow top bloggers
  • Subscribe to RSS feeds
  • Signup for newsletters

Learn to Proofread

At last, but not least don’t forget to proofread your work, because quality content shouldn’t include typos and grammatical errors. No matter how good writer you’re, it’s essential to proofread it. Proofread it as many times as possible. Yes, it’s boring to read your work again and again, but that’s what you need to do in order to make your average draft to a quality post. Or you can hire freelancers to proofread your work.

Once you finished your first draft, leave it and comeback later to proofread again and again; you’ll find lots of silly mistakes.

All the Top Bloggers and Professional writers just know the art of proofreading; at the end, they tweak their work to look brilliant. So never skip this proofreading step.

Over to you

Creating quality content on a consistent basis is not that difficult, all you need is consistent reading and understanding the concepts. Blogging is all about providing relevant information consistently, to do so you need to stay updated. Even if you’re a newbie, it’s possible to create quality articles by following the above points.

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