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Over the years mailing lists have gotten a bad reputation, due to the many spammers out there, but that does not change the fact that email is still one of the most effective means to generate traffic and sales to any site, service or product.

Especially in the beginning many web masters and marketers alike struggle to get a decent mailing list of the ground. They struggle with getting subscribers for their mailing lists, they struggle writing up effective sales copy and even if all of this has been accomplished most don’t use their mailings to its maximum potential.

In order to make the above a little easier, we have compiled a list of tips and pointers that will increase the results from your email marketing efforts significantly:

Collect email addresses

This may sound like a no-brainer to most, but there are plenty of web masters out there who put up a mailing list page, link to it from their navigation menu and that is it. In order to get subscribers and lots of them you need an easy to fill out form on all of your pages. The easier it is for your visitors to sign up the more will actually do it.

Start a forum

Forums are great for creating mailing lists. Most popular forum software comes with a fully fledged mass mailing system in place and every visitor who registers and becomes a member automatically opts in for the mailing list. It is one of the easiest ways of creating a large mailing list.

Write great sales copy

Especially at the start with few subscribers it is vital to write up an effective sales text. Make no mistake, even if you are merely trying to get your subscribers to come to your blog to read your latest post, you are still selling that post. In other words write to the point and at the end finish off your text with a strong call to action. With large mailing lists this becomes an entirely different ballgame. Then it is a matter sending out in bulk and even if one percent responds it is still a significant boost in traffic or sales. However, it goes without saying that a large mailing list and excellent sales copy can produce some truly amazing results.

Purchase mailing lists

This is a bit of a tricky, yet highly effect means to get results fast. In order to do it right always make sure you know the source the mailing list you are buying is coming from and absolutely make sure you know you are not dealing with a con artist who just harvested thousands of email addresses from the Internet without the owner’s consent. However, if you have the budget for it and a mailing list from a reliable source, this can produce results like no other way.

Use moderation

Just like with anything on the web, do not go overboard. Don’t send out daily mass mails(unless it is a daily news mail of course) for the sake of getting your site’s link or affiliate link out there. All it will do is get people to unsubscribe or simply ignore your mailings. Send out a mailing once a week or even once a month. This will produce much better results in the long run.

Make it easy to opt out

Some make it very hard for subscribers to get off a mailing list. This is pointless and could even get you in trouble legally. If for whatever reason a subscriber can’t unsubscribe, he or she will certainly never respond to anything you send out. Ultimately you could end up with a dead mailing list that way. So, make sure there is an unsubscribe link below every mailing you send out and also make sure the process after clicking that link is easy to follow.

Send out useful mailings

As stated previously, only send out a mass mail if you have something to say that your readers will want to read. Mailing for the sake of getting your links out there is counterproductive and self defeating in the end.

Reward subscribers

To entice subscribers to join the list, reward them with something free. Give them a free e-book or similar freebie. This also goes for those already subscribed. Put a free reward in your mailings every now and then. It will go a long way towards keeping your subscribers interested.

Publish your news mails

Most web masters and bloggers overlook this little fact. Once you send out your mailing, create an online archive and publish the mailings in there for your readers who either missed the mailing or deleted it by accident. This way they will also get indexed and listed on the search engines, creating yet another source of traffic to your site or blog.

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