Next to the search engines Social media sites are the largest source of free traffic for any web site, service or online business. However, running a blog in combination with effective use of social media sites will in turn also increase the traffic you receive on a daily basis from the search engines.

Of course this requires using the social media sites, like Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest in the most effective way possible. For this we created this list of 9 effective tips and pointers on how to make the most from your social media accounts.

1. Tweet and re-tweet posts

Make sure that every blog post you make also gets tweeted on Twitter. That way you will receive immediate traffic to your new blog post, but this new post will also get indexed by the search engines almost instantly. In order to make the most of your content, most popular blogging platforms have special twitter plug ins available to re-tweet your old posts within a time period you specify. This way you create a lasting stream of visitors from twitter to your blog.

2. Using Facebook Properly

Just like on twitter, make sure that all your blog posts get shared on Facebook, where your friends can find them. Using tools like Feedburner can automate this process. Also Facebook offers apps that will let you use the RSS feed from your blog to automatically post your content on your time line. In addition, make sure your posts come with an image so they stand out and attract readers.

3. Create Groups

When your blog is about a niche, another good idea is to create a public group for it where all your posts can also be placed and discussed. This will not only attract your friends but because it is a public group everyone with an account on the social network site can read your posts. This is an excellent way to raise traffic fast.

4. Pinterest

This is a relatively new, yet very powerful means of raising traffic. It is worth it to polish your images and use them on Pinterest. Like with most things online, it is going to be a matter of trial and error to find out what works for you on Pinterest and what not, but once you found the right type of images and accompanying text for your blog you will be pleasantly surprised.

5. Stumbleupon

This is one of the older social media sites and not a social network, but a social bookmark site. This is a great source for additional traffic to your blog. Simply make sure all your posts get added and from time to time people are going to “stumble” upon them. The more posts you have on there the more traffic you will receive over time.

6. Instagram

While there is no way to directly link your content on this social media site, it is a good way to inform those who follow you that new content has been published on your blog. For maximum effect, make sure that you emphasise the fact that your “gram” is about fresh new content.

7. Google+

While one of the largest social network sites out there next to Facebook, use of Google+ is still far behind compared to Facebook. However, Google+ has other benefits and will work miracles for your search engine rankings if your content is of high quality. In other words, make sure all your posts end up on Google + as well.

8. Bloglovin

Since Google has pulled the plug on its reader, more and more people are switching over to Bloglovin as an alternative. Therefore, now is the time to make sure all your posts contain a “Follow me on Bloglovin” link. This is an excellent way to build up returning traffic to your blog.

9. Be active

This is perhaps the most important way to increase traffic to your blog overall. Be active on all the social networks you use for traffic generation. Join appropriate groups, voice your opinion frequently. In other words be there and establish a presence. This will help you build up friends and followers bases fast, which in turn will bring in more traffic to your blog every time you post about your latest publication.

Don’t forget to have fun

This may sound like a cliché, but it hold very true. Spontaneous participation in social activities on and off line will produce results faster, better and it will make it last. Web masters, marketeers and bloggers who simply pop up just to do a drive by spam to post their content usually don’t last very long online. It’s the bloggers and site operators who enjoy what they do and show this that will be able to build up their networks a lot faster, so indeed: Don’t forget to have fun!

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