Every day, many people decide to start a blog with the goal to build a successful business.

But with this huge online competition, it’s requested to work hard, but most of all the right way, to beat rivals and earning a portion of traffic and a good reputation.

If you are among these people and you are looking for ways to improve your website, read on.

Here you find a list of nine tips, that will help you, in different ways, to build a better blog.

1. Choose a Good Theme

You need to get a professional theme. So, the first thing you need to do is to replace the default template.

A blog based on the classical default WordPress theme, certainly does not start in pole position (sure, I have seen a few ones with default themes, but with incredible content).

To get your blog appreciated by your readers, you will need a professional and original theme.

If you have a lot of money to invest, you can hire a graphic designer, who can create a theme based on your personality (this usually costs thousands of dollars).

On the other side, if you want to invest less money, you can choose a premium WordPress theme.

If you have no idea which one to select, you can read this post about WordPress themes to create mobile ready sites.

2. Use Good Colors

I love light colors, and if you pay attention, this is something trending right now on the internet.

In general, I think that you should decide the colors to use in relation to the topics of your site. For example, a blog that deals with nature should use green and brown colors.

Pay attention to not include colors that may bother your readers. Also, avoid any use of flash or too shiny banners.

Put user experience at first and focus on usability.

3. Build a List

“Money is in the list”.

If you want to start an online business or create a blog that can generate money in the future, then you need to build your email list.

There are many providers out there, but I think GetResponse has the most competitive prices. Also, it has so many features included (like the landing page creator, for example).

Running a newsletter helps you build a deeper relationship with your community by sending special emails.

Remember to deliver content with added value, at first. From time to time, send special offers, tailored to your user’s needs.

4. Correct Writing

Your authority, or web reputation, also pass trough an impeccable spelling, grammar and syntax in your articles.

Writing skills also mean knowing how to involve your audience, through a personal and lively prose.

A misspelling post is never enjoyable to read, and always gives the idea of an unprofessional blog. Since it’s easy to make a few errors, it is always suggested, before publication, to review your articles with one of the many software available (I use Grammarly and even the free version really helps).

In essence, your authority on the web depends on the quality of your writing and your style of communication.

Try to make the reading your articles the simplest as possible, use a good font and remember to divide your text into paragraphs.

Keep writing and you will learn how to do it better.

5. Have a Fast Loading Bl0g

One of the most important aspects of building a successful site is the loading speed of its pages. Any high loading time may really bore your visitors.

There are many strategies you can follow to improve the loading speed of your blog, included installing a cache plugin (I use WP Super Cache). It basically caches pages and delivers them without accessing the database, making your site much faster. As you surely know, the loading speed is a factor that Google consider for ranking the web.

I use HostGator and I’m really happy with it. I have a dedicated server with 99,9% uptime during the last months.

6. Use RSS Feeds

It is important to have an active RSS feeds: subscribe to BlogEngage here. The goal is to make clear to visitors that they are on a blog up and running, and to invite them to keep following you.

Some themes have already the RSS Feeds button included, but for some others, you can download your own image and include it in your site. And if you need help finding out the best way to get a logo designed, be sure to read this post.

7. Write Killer Titles

It is important is to give to your articles a catchy title.

Try to include your keywords, both in the article title and inside the post.

Choose a headline that makes your audience definitely want to visit your site and read your content.

8. Mention the Sources

When you find a story or an interesting article on another blog, and you decide to talk about it on your own, it is always good to indicate the source, linking to that specific website.

As well as fairness, this procedure is also useful in terms of visibility: when you link to other blogs, it is easy to receive a visit from those webmasters and may be a link back to your blog.

Be sure to build connections within your niche, which is indeed another very important aspect of building a successful online business.

9. Make Emotional and Personal Connections

When you write new content, try to create an emotional connection, as people react to emotions.

They like to know they are not struggling alone, and that you care about them. Everyone like to feel special.

Touch the emotional part of your readers and they will return, with more possibilities to convert them into loyal subscribers or customers.

You should also get personal. Of course, if you do not want, you do not have to share all the details of your life. Just make sure your visitors know there is a real person behind your website.

Here we go, nine strategies to improve your blog.

Do you have some other tips?

Please share your views within the comments, thanks!