Do you feel this tugging in sensation feeling?

You don’t know what the driving force is. You just feel like writing on your blog alone.

You feel that your exceptional content is not meant for other blogs.

You Ask

Why must I post that tongue wagging content on a blog that isn’t mine?

You’ve read these awesome posts by Jeff Goin, Kristi Hines and Tommy Walker And yet you’ve decided to close your thought.

You Reply

I don’t care what they have to say. You fail to understand that you are ravaged by a disease-And I mean it 100%

You confront me

“What disease are you talking about; do I look like someone who is sick?”

Yes I reply

And it is called selfishness.

It is an inherent nature of man, but was amplified in men like Stalin, Hitler and Abacha.

These men craved to satisfy only their innate desire. And hate me if you like, you’re just like them. Okay, I get it, you haven’t killed people but you’ve killed dreams.

Your selfish disposition made you to hoard your God’s given talent.

But I have a Blog!

Yes, you have one; with 20 views per post, despite the incredible write up you’ve created. And despite your ability to write a single guest post that can draw in hundreds of readers. Have even written on the advantages of blogging.

And believe me, “Just with a Single Guest Post” you could change lives in the mold of Martin Luther; may be not on the same scale.


you must fight the devil inside of you. You must use your creative juice to engage in the 80:20 rule of content promotion.

The 80:20 Rule Versus 20:80 Rule

In a post titled: Pimping your post and the myth of the 80:20 rule, Mark Schaefer came out firing on all cylinders.

“You should spend 20% of your time creating social media content and 80% of your time promoting it.”

On the above quote, Mark had this to say,

“This is a tweetable little sound bite that’s easy to remember and pass along. But it is so whacked-out that I just have to say something about it in case anybody out there is beginning to believe it.”

Asked about his strategy, Mark said he spends 90% of his time doing content creation and just about 10% doing social media promotion.

While Marks method is brilliant for the Superstars, I can bet that this method will cripple a newbie blogger.

If as a new blogger you decide to follow his tactics, be sure to see your blog wallow in the dungeon of traffic death, except perhaps you are an SEO expert who engages in shady tactics that can land you in Google’s minefield.

Mark postulated that it’s better for you to focus on building your audience through provision of better content that the Search Engine Can find.

This method, called the build it and they will come mentality no longer walks optimally as you need to engage in relationship marketing to find new audience that would buy your product or sign up to your list.

The 80:20 Rule of Content Promotion

This rule is centered on promotion as against focusing on content creation on your blog.

To illustrate: If you are bored or have free time to spare- whose home would you visit? Is it a stranger you just met or your friend’s home?

My guess is good as yours

While Google search can bring you troves of traffic-its traffic has a lower conversion rate compared to referral traffic.

This is because there is the trust factor to consider.

Now, I am not saying-don’t optimize your site-but am saying promotion is key

Adopt The 80:20 Rule To Build Your Audience?

To Perfect the 80:20 Rule, you must do the following

1.Create Great Content

It’s important you understand that your blog should contain quality content; so HERE is a caveat to this technique.

“Don’t do Substandard Content”

Moving on:

To adopt this technique, you should focus on building connection, and providing value.

Build Connection

To build connection with influencers you need to find them and follow them. To make this strategy effective-follow them on the social network they are most active on.

For example: Though I am quite active on Twitter, I can’t say same for face book. So, if you decide to follow me on face book, the engagement you would have with me would be low.

Engage Them

In order for these influencers to have you in mind; there is need for you to ask them questions, share their post and also comment on their blog. By so doing, you can build a connection with them.

For the sake of this post, I will call this engagement level one.

Hence, to get into level two connection, there is need for you to provide value.

-Provide Value

How to Provide Value to Influencers

Providing value entails: answering questions posed by other people in your influencers comment stream. When you do this, your influencers will consider you as someone who is intelligent and could without your prompting ask you to write a guest post.

Guest Posting

Some people perceive promotion as the art of sharing articles on bookmarking sites, blog commenting and advert placement.

This is far from the truth, as it also includes Guest posting-which is an awesome way of branding yourself. One woman who has perfected the art of promotion is Kristi Hines, and if you need a detailed guide on several techniques to expand your brand reach then Kristi is it.

Guest blogging has several advantages such as creating strong relationship, getting links and putting your content in front of new relevant audience.

According to Neil Patel;

“I have the same experience as Vincent. Guest post has worked REALLY well for me and others. Buffer, the social sharing app, also used guest posting to build their audience. I know a lot of entrepreneurs who do this because it is much easier to leverage someone else audience and drive them over to your site, than it is to build your audience from scratch.

Through guest posting you should be able to get to at least a few hundred visitors a day within 3 months.”

2. Adopt Social Search Optimization

To make your social media shares to be laser focused, it’s important you think SSO. Social Search Optimization involves optimizing your shares, tweets and post in such a way that it can easily be seen on different Social Platform.

Thinks To Take Note Of

When optimizing your post to draw in lots of social shares. You need to think about the headline.

Headline Caption

The headline is so important because it takes a captivating headline for one to read your tweets, or snippet of your post.

This is why Jon Morrow being thoughtful of people’s challenges, decided to create The Headline Hack.

Apart from your headlines, a factor that increases social media share is the inclusion of hash tags. Hash tags are considered best practice as it ensures your shares is seen by your ideal customer or audience. If you need tips on how to maximize your use of Hash Tag consider then consider Lisa Buben post. Lisa highlights some apps you can use to register your own Hash Tag.

3.The Art of Syndication

Another way to spread your content and steal people’s audience is to have it syndicated on popular sites.

This was how Seth Adams Got over 24 million views to his site. His case wasn’t a deliberate act though. Huffington considered the content interesting and decided to republish it on their site.

Now, imagine how many back-links and sales he must have garnered just from that single post being syndicated.

Some sites where you can get your sites syndicated include:

    Social Media Today
    Energy Collective
    Social Customers
    The Customer Collectives
    My Venture Pad

For more sites check out Kristi Hines Post on Wage Point

Though syndication may look like a golden cow, care needs to be taken as it could affect your search engine traffic. To solve this problem, check out how to eat your eggs and have it by reading Nick Steeve Post: How to Syndicate Blog Content while Maintaining SEO

4. Social BookMarking

Am sure Lisa may disagree, but I believe social bookmarking site isn’t dead. Some interesting bookmarking sites you can target your content to include: (marketing) (WordPress)

Of these sites I make use of Bizsugar and must tell you it has been quite useful. Reddit is another excellent site but you need to understand how to effectively use it. Or you will get your self burned.

In Summary, just focusing totally on creating that awesome content consistently on your blog, especially for newbies is a great waste; considering you can leverage other platforms to build up your audience-through some of the techniques shared.

That why I advocate guestblogging as a great tool to accomplish this goal not forgetting that you can also adopt content curation as part of your your strategy.

For content curation, I advocate you use sites such as:

    Scoop it

to mention but a few.

You can also interject other channels such as slideshares and videos as means of re-purposing your post.

This is especially true if you know you’ve created a master piece content.


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