Your blog needs lots of traffic and this has to continue with more and more traffic coming to your blog so that your blog stays at top of the notch to survive or it will die out of steam. To drive sufficient amount of traffic to your blog is your primary goal and if you fail to bring traffic it will be dead in this internet era. There are lots of dead blogs out there on internet and only you can make sure it does not join that’s list. Here are awesome 7 ways you can get more lots of traffic to your blog:

    Install SEO plugin

This is a must-do thing for every blogger, and you should not be neglect the importance of SEO plugin by any means. Your blog will not be having good SERP or reach good rankings in the search engines if it is not supported by a prominent SEO plugin. SEO plugins will ease all the work of internal SEO optimization within your blog, such as optimizing your quality content’s title with proper HTML elements, text description, proper meta-tags, proper image tags or attributes, proper alt tags, good keyword density, and much of it which, you won’t know if you are a newbie in blogging horizon. For proper SERP you can tweak the SEO parameters of your quality content before you publish it in your blog.

For my blogs I have installed YOAST plugin which has some really nice features and it takes care of SEO stuffs handsomely. You can try installing the plugin and check its performance and share with us so other could also benefit from it.

    Use a Premium blog template

Most premium blog theme templates are responsive and nicely optimized for the search engines with minimum html errors, proper placing of html elements, an important point to consider. If you are using a premium theme for your blog, you will be benefitted with the best design for your blog, as well as an SEO-friendly fast loading design. This will significantly increase your website ranking in the search engines.

For my blogs I have purchased premium templates for around 45$ from theme forest which are really responsive in nature and load very quickly and have very good loading times and has really helped me in search results. I did some internal development to purchased theme to increase conversion rates.

    Publish relevant SEO content

Don’t just mindlessly put some content onto your blog. You have to research the topic you want people will be interested to read, write for people and not for search engine. Research proper keywords for your content , you know the mantra remember “Content is king”. Optimize the keywords for your blog. Make sure you publish relevant SEO content to your website and make sure the keywords that you target are easy to rank for in search engine. Try to seek low competition keywords and write your content around these keywords. To know more about low competition or high competitions keywords you can google it and there is lots of material available to research on it. Once your blog gets bigger and more powerful, you can begin targeting stronger competition keywords.

    Get Your Content Socially Shared

Social media platforms will give the boost you need and will help your blog to get promoted virally. That’s why you need to integrate social media elements into your blog. Let people that read your blog to like your content on Facebook or tweet your content on Twitter. It is also important for you to have a presence in major social media platforms and attract followers to your blog.

I personally recommended viralcontentbuzz , this social media platform is awesome and the concept is fantastic , here you have to share other members posts on twitter , google plus and other social media platforms and in return all your posts will be shared across their social media accounts.

    Grab All The Guest Posting Opportunities

You have to be crazy about guest posting because it can significantly attract new readers to your blog. You can gain the authority of your when people read your contents and come to know about you. You can set your industry standards and connect with people. Find relevant blogs that accept guest posts. Find blogs which are popular and if they have a decent Domain Authority or Page Rank go for it. Target for atleast PR 2-3 blogs and you will have good audience quickly. Moreover, your links from within those blog posts will be counted as relevant and high quality links by the search engines.

    Add Professional Images

All the images available on internet cannot be used on internet without proper attribution or copyrights. If you have found that you are using copyrighted image you blog can face severe problems so avoid using them. Professional images can enhance the look of your blog, as well as make your content more interesting to read. Reading plain text content can be boring for most people. People give importance or prefer reading content with good graphics in the article. The more appealing your content is, the more people will come to read what you write.

    Keep your eyes on what’s Popular and Trending

You can use Google Hot Trend search or Buzzfeed to know what is the most popular tending news. Once you find the tending news produce relevant content on your blog. Find out what’s popular in other blogs which are similar to your niche blog and create similar content. This way, you can always attract more traffic to your blog, because people are attracted to what’s popular.

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