Everyone is motivated by the possibility of reaching their goals, no matter how large or small those goals may be. Some are big dreamers while others are content with smaller victories.

But the problem lies in the fact that so many make little to no progress at all, allowing whatever goals they set out to accomplish to simply escape them.

There are numerous reasons for this, as we all know, but we also know that the story does not have to end that way. Just look around at all of the successful people who have somehow overcome the hurdles of life and created a nice lifestyle for themselves.

Success is an equal opportunity event; we just have to position ourselves to make it happen.

Is it easy?

Of course not, which is the reason so many never reach their true potential. But observing some of the tips below can certainly bolster your chances at breaking through and living the life you truly seek.

1. Commitment. This is the first and most important step in my opinion. Without a firm commitment no plan can succeed. Notice I said “firm” commitment, no sitting on the fence or test drives. You have to go all in and mentally give it your all.

If you have grown tired of your current circumstances, then commit to change and allow nothing to deter you from your goals.

2. Have a specific goal. Avoid generalizations when developing your goals, you must be specific. Wanting to make more money is a nice thought, but developing a plan to increase your income by $10,000 by the end of 2011 is a real goal.

Break that goal down into individual steps that provide a roadmap to make it happen. This becomes your “plan” of action.

3. Take continual action, daily. Reaching your goals, particularly using an online business model, will be a long journey that includes many steps. For that reason, you should take action on your plan each day.

Keep in mind that you are working on a potential life-changing situation, worthy of your daily attention.  If you have only 30 minutes on a particular day, use it to review your plan or perform some other task that advances your cause.

4. Be Resilient. Inevitably something will go awry during the process, that’s to be expected. What’s important is how quickly you adjust and get back on track without panicking or becoming discouraged.

Learn from the experience and have no fear of failure. Some of the most successful individuals in business have relied on their resiliency to work their way to the top.

5. Stay focused. We all know how easily it is to become distracted, which really highlights the importance of staying tightly focused on your plan. This often means undergoing some lifestyle changes, particularly working from home where there are all of the creature comforts for relaxing.

Focus on the most important tasks and the results of reaching your goals. The thought of putting it all together and finding yourself in a new position in life is very motivating.

6. Maintain a journal or notebook. Documenting your thoughts and other important business related items serves to keep everything fresh in your mind while creating a written record. You can do this digitally or the old fashion way of simply writing in a journal or, in my case, spiral notebook.

What’s important is the benefits that this informal exercise provides. Here are just a few.

a. Make note of your ideas.

b. Measure your progress.

c. Great for record keeping.

d. Keeps you accountable.

e. Accessible anytime, anywhere.

This is one of the handiest tools available for quickly documenting anything related to reaching your goals. I often read through my notebook which keeps me very much connected to the mission of building my online network. While doing so, many new and innovative thoughts come to mind, which I add to the appropriate section.

7. Create new habits. As I mentioned earlier, you may have to change your lifestyle and create new habits to find the level of success you seek. When you look at those who have made themselves successful you will find one commonality, they live what they have become every day and it started long before they reached their goals.


The process of creating positive life-changing circumstances is not always an easy one, but applying the tips above will help make the transition easier than it otherwise may be.

Your discipline will be challenged often, but with a strong commitment and dedication you’ll be unstoppable.

Stay Productive!


About Jimi Jones

Jimi Jones is an Internet Entrepreneur who writes about Personal Development and Living a more productive life. You can find him @JimiJones or on his blog Jimi Jones Dot Com. Stay Productive!

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