Blog comments are important for a blog, it shows the growth and quality of a blog. It doesn’t make sense if the blog you build doesn’t have even a comment, it might be your content does not sticky enough to get your readers to leave a comment, or you have not done enough work to get your readers to contribute their opinion on your blog.

If you want to get people leave comment on your blog, first you have to know what mistakes that you’ve done, then you can avoid and don’t repeat the mistakes, and improve your blog to get more comment. You have to do something to attract your readers to leave a comment after reading a blog post, it’s not an impossible mission but you have to do it the right way.

7 Reasons Why You Are Not Getting Blog Comments

1) You Didn’t Leave Comment On Other Blogs
Blog hopping and leaving comment on other blogs is important, you want people to leave comment on your blog, then you have to do it first on other blogs. When the blog owner sees you contribute an honor comment, then they’ll be happier to leave you a comment on your blog in return. It’s the concept of “give and take”.

2) You Didn’t Reply Blog Comment
Alright, now you’ve gotten a blog comment on your blog. You need to be sure that the commentator will be coming back on the next few days to leave another comment on your latest blog post. Be sure you reply their first comment to show that they’re respected, and they’ll be your regular readers and commentators. Never ignore even it’s a critic comment.

3) You Didn’t Use Plugin To Benefit Commentator
Nowadays, most of the people leave comment because they want something in return from you, traffic and backlinks. If you give them what they want, then they’ll be happier to leave a comment. There are several wordpress plugins which would benefit commentators such as KeywordLuv, CommentLuv, Top Commentator, and etc. Spend some times and install the plugin on your blog, you’ll see the differences.

4) You Didn’t Dofollow Link From Commentator
It goes same to #3, you need to give advantage to your commentators, reward them something for their contribution. What they want is just a dofollow backlink juice from your blog. If you want your readers to leave a comment with desired keyword link, then you might need to install a dofollow wordpress plugin to make their link dofollow. It would definitely increase the conversation rate on your blog.

5) You Didn’t Write Call-To-Action Post
Blog content is the key that makes your readers to leave comment, sometimes people don’t leave comment even your post is quality and unique because they don’t know what to comment, it’s because your post is perfect and they don’t want to just say “Great post! I agree with you!”. So you have to make it to be a “call-to-action post”, it means that you can ask a simple and related question at the end of the post, and ask your readers to share their thoughts.

6) You Didn’t Show Your Enthusiasm While Interacting With Readers
While interacting with your readers, you need to behave yourself. You can’t be rude to your readers even they critic your blog. You show your enthusiasm and good attitude, then they may be your regular readers and contribute comments on your blog from time to time. Good relationship is the key to build up health community, it could help in a long run basis.

7) You Didn’t Write Simple And Understandable Post
Many people like to write long and complicated post to show people that they’re professional, they use complicated words and sentences to write a lengthy post and they thought they’re expert in writing but they’re wrong. You want people to read your post and leave comment, then you have to write simple and understandable post that make people easier to leave a comment. You may write list post for easier understanding.

How To Get More Blog Comments?

1) Blog Commenting
If you want to make your blog to be crowded with conversation, you need to learn how to build a healthy community around your niche, then the community will be hanging around your blog and leaving comments from time to time. Blog commenting on other blogs is a good way to build up community, you may search for similar niche blog and leave a comment or two. I’m sure they’ll drop by your blog and leave a comment as well.

2) Sincere Interaction
I’m sure you did receive several emails from blogger fellows who asked question about your niche right? You should reply them sincerely and try to help them as much as you can, once you help them to resolve their problems, they’ll be your regular readers forever, or at least for a few months. When they know you can help them with their problems, then they’ll leave more comments on your blog and ask questions.

3) Know Your Mistake And Overcome Them!
You just have to know your mistakes (perhaps one of the 7 mistakes above), overcome them and you’ll be getting more blog comments on your blog. Learning from mistakes is the essential process toward success.

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