By now, I mean, NOW! Habitual behavior only becomes harder to break when continuously ignored.

The following are 7 bad blogging habits you must break now!

1. Obsessing over stats and comments

It is not uncommon for a beginner with a new blog to obsess over web traffic statistics and comments. Understandably, these are both important factors to the writer, but there’s a point when this kind of behavior will start to hinder your productivity.

Designate a specific time during the day to check stats and reply to comments but otherwise, channel your energy towards more productive activities. Use the time you save to produce more content and network with other bloggers.

2. Not replying to comments

Take it as a compliment whenever anyone leaves a comment, good or bad. Typically, readers will only leave feedback if they are emotionally compelled to do so. The worst thing you can do in this situation is to not respond at all.

Responding to comments on your blog is the best way to build up a loyal readership. There’s no need to respond to every single one, but always respond to comments that request your opinion or that leave behind valuable insight.

3. Posting irregularly

Often, a new blogger will start off by publishing a lot of content in the beginning stages of the blog. Then, they’ll take a break.

Avoid going on a “blog hiatus.” Be consistent. Do not develop an irregular posting schedule. By publishing on a consistent basis, you develop a schedule that readers can learn and look forward to, post after post.

It is recommended for new bloggers to start by picking one day to publish a new post and commit to that. Start by setting the bar low, but stick to the schedule and grow gradually.

4. Not citing sources

An important part of developing a loyal readership is building credibility. Not giving credit where it is due and neglecting sources will quickly tarnish your reputation. It is simply too easy to trace back to original sources on the internet. You WILL get called out.

Avoid the humiliation and give credit where credit is due. Always mention the source of your material and even link out to other bloggers. This is actually a great way to get on a blogger’s radar and start networking.

5. Not proofreading

Make it a habit to proof read every post before publishing it. Read your post out loud so that you can literally hear the mistakes and edit accordingly. Nothing will make you lose credibility quicker than having posts on your blog that contain typos and grammatical errors.

6. Overloading ads

Avoid overloading your blogs with ads. Sure, a couple of ads on your site can bring in a little extra cash but they can also affect your SEO and revenue.

Make sure to have ads that are appropriate for your blog, as well as for the readership.

7. Excessive affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing can be a very profitable endeavor when used selectively. Do not use affiliate ads simply because the programs have a high payout. Try to minimize your affiliate marketing efforts to those that are most relevant to your readership.

Some habits are good and some are bad, but all habits become harder to break the longer you ignore them. Break away from these bad blogging habits to start bettering yourself as a blogger.

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