We all start somewhere… You would think overtime everyone would understand how to do something, and how not to do something… In today’s post I want to share some of the things you as a blogger are doing wrong.

If you want to be a better blogger following these suggestions is a must. Take it for street value, implementing these strategies into your next blog post will increase your traffic and traction.

Using A Catchy Title

Do you think my title wasn’t created to make you think? The title insinuates something is wrong with your blog. It makes you want to know what it was you’re possibly doing wrong. The title is a key element to any blog article. Do not overlook or under think the title, you put a lot of effort into your content, the same should apply to the title of the post.

Expecting Results

Many bloggers have high expectations when they start blogging. They see engagement and comments on other blogs they follow and expect the same result on their blog. WRONG! No way should you expect to even have 1 comment on your blog when you’re new. You have to build your brand and start social media marketing like CRAZY. It takes a long time to see engagement.. if ever!

Same Old Same Old

The nice thing about writing here on Blog Engage is my audience are bloggers. I tend to write a lot about blogging tips or suggestions, typically anything that will help my fellow bloggers. I try to be unique and so should you. Your readers do not want to read the same old articles over and over so try to be fresh and create new topics. Try and be… unique.

Give Thanks

Say thank you to your readers and commentators by showcasing them in your sidebar. It’s important to interact with your readers and this action is a nice way of saying thanks. They will be inclined to visit more and comment as well. I personally use commentluv so my readers can also leave a link back to their latest post. I love following topics that are within my interest.

Be Yourself

It’s so important to be yourself when writing, Don’t write exactly what people want to read, sure engage the readers interest but also write from your heart. It’s important to maintain a non bias point of view for most subjects, in my case today I am bias and I want all bloggers to understand these novice mistakes.

Thanks for stopping by and reading my post. If you enjoy it, please take the time to leave a comment and share some of the blogging mistakes you have seen novice bloggers make. I would love to hear what you have to say.

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